EDC Lights for sale

Ok guys. I am not getting out of the game here but just out of the little lights. I have several edc sized lights that I am wanting to sell. Most of these were never actually edc’d at all but just occasionally taken out to play. All prices are shipped in CONUS.

1. Quark Mini 123 w/XPG CW $25 With original box, lanyard & oring
2. Olight I1 w/ XML t6 $25
3. Solarforce L2m clone w/XML U2+
Solarforce L2 host $25 Host still in original clamshell
4. Ultrafire C3 SS w/ Q5 $10
5. Jetbeam BC10 w/ XPG R5 $30 With original box & lanyard & oring
6 Eagletac D25LC2 w/ XPG R5 $40 With original box, lanyard, sheath & oring
7. Rominsen RC-29 w/ XPE Q5? $10

The Olight I3 came in a crappy bubble wrap package and I no longer have it.
You know the budget lights came in only padded envelopes.
I think these prices are fair since they include shipping but if I am out of line , let me know.

Do you have any photos of the L2M clone?

Can you give me the lightbox and throw numbers on the D25LC2?

And is it the twisty or clicky?

PM coming on #7. Hope it works better than my knockoff from yallstore.

It is a twisty and the #s are
378 lumens at 1 sec
367 lumens at 30 sec
6240 lux at 1 meter

I don’t but I will take one for you.

For the Romison, is it the neutral white, and how much extra to ship to Canada if your willing (most items i have bought online charge $2-3 extra for service first class mail international shipping)

ok hope these help

I am willing to ship to Canada but I believe it is cool white.

Ill Take the C3 SS!
PM inbound.

I’ll take it. PM on the way

pm sent, thanks