EDC penlight under $10?

I am looking for affordable penlight for EDC and (not necessarily) medical use, which would fit in the pocket.
I’ve seen you had SF-348 back in the day, but all I see now is some SF-347 with no reviews. I do not live in US, so amazon delivery would be very costly. I am not sure about lumens, I just need it because I wouldn’t use my phone flashlight with a gun, and for night work at hospital.
What can I get from aliexpress or maybe some other vendors?

This looks like a job for Maglite.

Lumintop EDC01 or the other one with the tailswitch are currently under 10 bucks a piece.

Some people call single AAA lights penlights but I’ve always thought a penlight has 2 AAA cells and is the length of a normal ballpoint pen .
Either way I’d look for hi cri lights but it seems like there aren’t very many good options out there since Sofirn seems to have backed out of AAA lights

3xAAAA or 3xN penlights are also very nice. Other than Streamlight Stylus I don’t think many of these are manufactured nowadays.

you will not need more than one cell…

either LEDs are Li cells are so much more advanced, that you do not need the extra volts, power or energy

any single cell will easily outdo any elderly alkaline 2 or 3 cell design

Picked my Ultratac A3 (nichia 219 4000k) up for a song before they were discontinued. It works perfectly in my scrub chest pocket. The Wurrkos WK02 with SST20 4000k would be a good option but I think they are discontinued as well. Not sure of any other low budget options these days. Milwaukee makes a 2AAA “pen” light with a neutral, 80CRI Cree LED. Its about $15-20USD and is pretty nice but only has one rather bright mode and is very bulky for 2AAA.

Yes, i actually agree.
2x AAA and a clicky tailswitch makes it much like a ballpoint pen and therefore a pen light.

As an irrelevant side note, AA bateries are / used to be called ‘penlights’, at least here in Europe.

I once read that the metal body 2xAA penlight was designed as a tool for spies.

Outside of the budget here are some nice lights that aren’t made in China. One is a classic design and the other a bit more modernised.

I can’t vouch for the quality of the first but it is most typical to be used for the purpose.

Many choices if twisty is an option but for tail-clicky the Lumintop Tool AAA is on sale for less than $10, no finer deal.

For a little more I think the Olight i3T is an excellent buy.

—yes i agree the lumintop AAA tool is great for the money


THIS should do it.

The good old Singfire 348, but with Nichia’s current 3535 flagship LED.

If you live in the USA, yes. But that store is foreign customers-negative.

You always could spend the extra money and get a Welch Allyn penlight that has a high build quality.