EDC Thrower or small Zoomie (better LL P5R)

Hi Forum

I am new here and reading in the background since a while.

Hello :slight_smile:

I got a couple of flashlights for several use cases (obviously :wink: ) and I am looking for a replacement of my dog walking light.
I hope that profane use case is no offense to all these professionals here.

For that I use since 2-3 years or so a LedLenser P5R. The old one with the tailcapclicky.
I read here that LL is maybe not so most “liked” maker and I don’t want to start anyone about zoomies :wink:
The P5R just worked for me because in flood I am able to find what, well, what the dogs leave. And in zoom I could look down the park and forrest alleys to check out if other dogs are approaching or joggers, so I can get my dogs back onto their leech.
It’s actually not too bright, so I don’t glare other people too much when I am not careful.
Now I want to get a bit more lumen / Lux though.
The P5R feels a bit outdated.

I bought the Sofirn SC32 (https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/71002), which works great for me, also for the price, especially in close areas.
What I am missing is the possibility for a bit throw and a more pointy beam, less spill.

I wonder if someone could recommend a similar sized light as the SC32, or smaller, but as a proper thrower.
I have the Sofirn IF22A (Sofirn IF22A & IF22 beamshots and review [Update 2021-10-02] ) for the boat as a thrower/search light (hobby use!). A beam in that direction but smaller flash light, that would be great!

Or maybe a more powerful, more modern zoomie, compared to the P5R but similar in size?

I haven’t found that yet.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help and I hope that all makes sense.

KR, Chris

(Edit: I corrected the name for the IF22A and added a link)

We shouldn’t be entirely hating of Led Lenser as they do have some interesting designs from time to time.

The P7( R) was always the go to light for inspectors that work in my industry.
I only knew LL as a maker.
I never looked at other light makers until I found this forum and started reading and learning a bit about lights.

At the moment I find almost all I need at Sofirn for dogs, boat, job, fun.
I have the Q8 Pro, SP36 Pro (my secret favorite unit, just a bit big for edc), SP33S, IF22A and the SC32.

But I am looking forward to look at other maker’s lights as well :slight_smile:

If you really like zoomies, Convoy has a nice one…the Z1. His aliexpress store is shut down (for most items) until after chinese new year. I think it was around $30, maybe a little more. It’s a big upgrade over most zoom lights on the market.

If you want a separate light with more throw, there are lots to choose from, and you can have that in a host that doesn’t have a noticeably wider head like the IF22A (if that bothers you). Usually best to choose a single emitter for this purpose instead of the popular 3- and 4-emitter types, but it depends. Maybe it would be best to start by specifying what battery size you would like to use, and also how far away you want to actually see with the more throwy light? And if you need that distance to have a normal/smaller lit up area or want something with a broader beam of illuminated area down range.

Simple straight tube lights like the Convoy S2+ or S21 (larger/wider), or the Sofirn SC31 Pro/Wurkkos FC11 are cheap and compact, pretty good distance and a normal balanced beam (and with Convoy you can have several choices for emitter type/color/driver to come up with what you want). Many many other choices, though…can pretty much find something that will do exactly what you want.

Also keep in mind that these multi-emitter lights don’t always throw as far, but they can still put a lot of light down range and are adequate for most uses even if their plastic optics are a little more floody than throwy…and then you can use them at a lower output and still enjoy usable light up close that will be floody enough and not harsh to the eyes.

And welcome to BLF! Even if you’ve been here awhile. :slight_smile:

It's a pleasure to know you, Light-Chris!

I still like the On the Road zoomie flashlights (Z821 and i5), and for a compact thrower I would suggest checking the Olight Javelot Mini.

Hi Racoon City, thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Correlux!
Thanks as well for the welcome and the tip!
I will check it out today!

Hi MascaratumB
Thanks for your proposal!

Sorry I answer so late. I didn’t get notifications (yet) for new posts so I didn’t know about your messages.

Thanks for the tips. I am gonna check them out today!

Edit: missed Correlux in my first answer, had to add that :smiley:

Thanks again for your kind help!

I feel a bit embarrassed that this is my first post in this Forum and it took me so long to get back to you.

In any case, the Z821 seems to be pretty much what I would like to try out as a successor of the LL P5R.
@MascaratumB, I also found your Review from August 2020 about it

I will get one and try it out :slight_smile:

The Olight Javelot Mini looks like an even more compact IF22A, very nice light!
I didn’t find the Z1 at the moment.

Thanks again to everybody!

I will let you know about my experience with the Z821


Hey Chris, take your time in the replies, don’t feel worried about that :wink:

If you need any help with Z821 to configure group modes, etc, let me know.
Also, please note that now that flashlight is also being sold with different LEDs, besides the XML2, which will probably be more throwy while zoomed in!

I hope you find it good for your uses.

Concerning the Z1 you are not seeing it because it is Chinese New Year and some stores “close” momentarily and remove the products from the aliexpress store for some days. It will probably be up again soon.

Let us know what you think of the light when you get it :wink: