EDC-XML-R (Regulated), By Elektro Lumens

EDC-XML-R (Regulation Circuitry)

I have re-designed my Elektro Lumens EDC-XML flashlight. I have been selling the EDC-XML for a long time and is my best selling flashlight. I decided to add a regulation circuit, and a tail cap clicky switch. The color will now be dark gray, with company logo and model number on the head instead of the tail cap button (button no longer exists.) For those who do not like or cannot use a flashlight with multiple modes, I offer the EDC-XML-R with a single mode. Many people have purchased the EDC-XML because of it’s simplicity of design, and single mode operation. However, some insist on multi-mode operation in their flashlight to give best all around practicality. A lot of the time you do not need 1000 lumens (think car headlight brightness). The strobe mode is very fast, I call it Police Strobe, it is blinding and disabling. My family calls it annoy mode, or, Wayne Mode, which are basically synonyms in my household.

EDC-XML-R (Regulated), On high power setting1000 lumens approx., 6000 lux. This flashlight uses a single Cree XML LED, 30mm reflector, and is now circuit regulated. The EDC-XML-R can be purchased in quite a number of multi-mode configurations (hi/med/lo/strobe) including only high power setting, Click on image for more detailed information about the EDC-XML-R flashlight. (Some people love multi-mode settings, others hate it, now you can have it your way.) New tail cap clicky switch design. Dark gray HAIII hard anodized finish (photo still shows black at this time). Default setting, unless othewise specified at time of purchase, will be (high/low/fast police strobe). See web page for complete list of available settings. Circuit has memory so it remembers the last setting.

Now using Cree’s new amazingly bright XM-L LED
NEW!: Now with regulation circuitry, (with setting memory, always remembers your last setting). At time of purchase you can specify:

  1. 2-Mode: Low 10—High 100
    (2) 3-Mode: Low5—Middle30-High100%
    (3) 3-Mode: Low5%—High100%—Fast Disabling Strobe
    (4) 5-Mode: Low1%—Middle30%—High100%—Fast Disabling Strobe—SOS
    (5) 1-Mode: 100% high mode, no other settings, for those who only need high power. Good for LEO, military, security, etc.
    NEW!: Tail cap clicky switch. Reverse clicky as this works best with the circuit. Click on, then press slightly to change mode.
    30mm reflector! Smooth even beam. Narrow and focused, more so than the MCE LED with the Boom reflector, this flashlight has a beam over twice as bright, and throws much farther.
    30mm Mineral glass lens, equivalent to UCL clear glass, but mineral glass is stronger and less likely to crack, chip or break

I am offering the new EDC-XML at a discount pre-sale price of $99.99. Regular price is (and has been for a long time) $129.99. You can specify at the time of order in the comments how you want the circuit configured. It is not user changeable for the modes, unless you know how to modify a flashlight, and have a soldering iron. I am now accepting orders. Parts are due in from the machine shop around January 10, 2013, so I do believe I can easily make the dead line (this time.)

Here is a direct link to the EDC-XML-R web page:

Here is a direct link to the EDC-XML-R shopping cart page:

If you have any questions you can email me. My phone number is listed on my main web page, if you wish to speak to me in person.


Production of the EDC-XML-R is very on schedule. I have indicated delivery date is by January 31, 2013. The HAIII hard anodized machined aluminum parts will be in by approximately 1/18 (next Friday), or possibly 1/21. I already have all other internal components on hand, so assembly and shipping should be timely.

I will have some photos of the machined parts this week. There are a few external differences between the new EDC-XML-R and the older twisty EDC-XML. The overall length is shorter by about .200”, with only two cooling fins. Tail cap end, obviously, is very different, as there is now a clicky switch, (reverse clicky). Color is now dark grey (sand blasted semi-gloss), with laser engraved lettering on the head, in small letters, at the tail end of the head, indicating brand and model. Still built like a tank. Will be able to stand on tail end, the tail cap switch recessed enough for this, and also to protect against accidental turning it on.

The circuit functions are listed in first post. Circuit has memory function, remembers last setting. For changing setting, turn the flashlight on, then slightly depress the switch to go into change mode. You have a second to change the mode, or it will go back to on mode. I like this, it’s not so easy to accidentally change the mode to something I don’t want. If I accidentally press the switch, it only goes into change mode, but does not actually change the mode. I also offer single mode operation, for LEO, military, security, etc, and for those who find multi-modes annoying. I myself love it, and love to play with the modes. My favorite is strobe mode (my family calls it ‘annoy mode’, or ‘Wayne Mode’.) Strobe is very fast strobe, very disturbing and disorienting. When battery gets low, power does not cut out as with some circuits, but it blinks once a second to let you know time to change the battery.

I tested a number of different circuits, before I decided on this one.

I am in the process of designing a remote pressure switch for weapons use. Email me about it if you’re interested in this.

The body is 1” diameter, I have a bike mount holder I’m considering offering for sale. I love this flashlight as a bike light, low power is totally sufficient for city streets. High mode is like a car headlight, great for totally dark areas and off road.


Beautiful :love:

they are, all of them

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Wow, that’s an excellent evolution of your EDC mate, and I’m sure there’ll be a lot of interest.

My Direct Drive single mode EDC is still going strong, and is my go to light in a compact size … I always know it’ll work, with no driver to rely on, and it’s the most solid and heavy single 18650 light I own!

Having said that, this regulated version sounds even better, and at an excellent price as well.

Best value quality tank of a light here guys!!!

Very nice, solid looking light :slight_smile:

Maybe I missed it above. What kind of runtime does this have?

Dale, according to Wayne's YouTube video, one hour on high, but I'm sure YMMV depending on cell mAh.

This light intrigues me. Does anyone own one? Any pics of the new tailcap/boot? A shame the old copper button is no more.

This is the TRUE American made flashlight you can count on.

People say you pay the premium and buy SureFire if you want reliability, but with Waynes EDC you can pay less and get more!

Now I’m curious if there’s going to be an updated Big Bruiser, like a thrower version :slight_smile:

The EDC-XML-R is a new version of the EDC-XML, which I have been selling for a number of years now (originally the EDC-MCE). Run time will depend on the capacity of the battery used. The circuit on high power draws about 2.8A, so that should help in determining run time. I’ll do some run time tests, sorry, as is typical of me, I’m very bad about getting this kind of testing done. Also it needs to be tested on the various modes for run time. I’m sure on low power it would run an amazingly long time. When power is low it blinks once a second, annoying to me, but, does let you know you need to change the battery.

No one has one yet, because, it’s a new updated model, have not shipped any out yet. I have not posted any pics yet, as I’m waiting for the parts to come in to do so. The color will be dark grey, the finish is semi-gloss, being sand blasted and anodized HA-III hard anodizing. Basically the same in appearance, except for a few minor exterior changes, mainly in the tail cap. The insides are very much changed, especially in the heat sink. It will be extremely easy to take apart and modify, to change the circuit to another, or change the LED, as I like to make my flashlights easy to modify.

I should have the machined parts in by 1/18 or 1/21.

It would be nice if someone could do a good review on it, as I seldom have the time, and really am not so good at pictures and run time tests, etc.


Mainly the optics determines the wider beam of the Big Bruiser. If I could find a tri-optics that has a narrower beam I could use it. But a narrow 3000 lumens beam might be less useful. I originally designed this flashlight a ‘just for fun pocket-rocket’, as I thought the short run time, only one level brightness, is a real limitation, and, do we really need 3000 lumens. I’ve been quite surprised of it’s being so popular. Most of the time I only need a flashlight for short durations, so for me this is my ‘go to’ flashlight. For walks, or for riding my bike at night, I use the EDC-XML, and I have one I put in a multi-level circuit and use low power setting. (I use the strobe mode to annoy family members.) The EDC-XML-R is the perfect bike light. I can remove it from the bike and use it for a flashlight, and low power is perfect for city streets.


Wayne, all flashlights are perfect bike lights, or at least that's what I've been telling my wife since I started collecting torches....

The EDC-XML-R does indeed sound like it fits the bill. I think I'm in for one, thanks to an as yet unspent $100 Christmas gift from my Mother-in-law (and my birthday on Monday). I would ask for a picture of the new tailcap/boot if you have it. The rest of the light is beautiful and like I said, I'm disappointed the old button is no more, but I'll get over that. I like the mode options you offer with the new version.

I too have been thinking about this one, the newly designed click and regulated circuit is really enticing! Might have to save up and add one to my Elektrolumens collection!

BTW everyone, Wayne has the ST90 still available on his website (not many left I’m sure!) for only $199 !!! This is still the best large beast of a host, sporting an SST-90 in it, with direct drive.


I ordered the 3 mode 5%-30%-100% version. Can't wait! I have been eyeing the Elektro Lumens website for the last two years at least.

You won’t regret it mate! Wayne’s an honest, and excellent person to deal with, and his flashlights are genuinely designed solid and dependable products.

Tell us how you find it once it arrives.


Here are a few new photos of the EDC-XML-R. It is black not dark grey. No photo of the tail cap end yet. These pictures are from the machine shop. I should have the shipment of machined parts on Monday 1/21.

I will be using bin ‘U2’, cool white XML LEDs.


THANKS WAYNE! I just captured one... PPal sent. That is a nice clean looking light. Anxious to see it in action.

Did it ship yet???? (sorry, just had to....)



You hold the record for the fastest ‘Did it ship yet??’


Ha! Well, I learned that from my customers!!! I have more record holders than you can imagine!!!! Ha! Thanks Wayne! Dan.