EDC18 Bad Pocket Clip Design

Any good pocket clips that fit the Lumintop EDC18? Pocket always gets snagged at the portruding, uneven section of the clip, right at the clip attachment ring……

I know it’s probably 6 months too late, but I stumbled into this thread and figured I’d respond - the Lumintop D1 clip doesn’t appear to have this issue:

yep…that looks much better. Too bad my EDC18 died….but great, cause I just got a Zebra instead….

How did your EDC18 die? I’ve been wanting one, but most posts about it seem to be people having issues…

I liked the EDC18, very powerful, fun. I bought a Carclo optic for more throw, when I was about to install it I turned on the light to see how the LEDs looked like without the lens. Smoke started to come out; it never recovered, first Anduril acted erratically and now it just wont turn on. Don´t know what happened. Some people commented here when I asked, but it was kind of all over my head. So I put it back in its box and forgot about it. Did some research, bought a Zebralight SC64wHi.

Would I recommend it? I think so, find a reasonable price. But if you can save and get something better, maybe that´s best in the long run. The ZL was double the cost, but it´s like dozens of times better.