OK, maybe not strictly a 'budget dealer' but good prices & I'm sure better shipping times ( especially for forum members in the US ).

Why this thread ?

1) I was looking for paracord ( not easily available outside the US ), a reasonable length at a reasonable price with reasonable shipping. Found this :


2) Was looking for a P-38 / P-51 can opener :


3) Was looking for a Comtech Stinger ( don't even know why ! ) :


For all of the above, international shipping was just $5 approx.

Also :

4) Want the elusive SRM 939 ( or 733 ) quickly ?


5) What about the Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer or Maxpedition E.D.C. Organizer ?


I am going to have to put together an order from them. I would love to buy a few P38s. I have been wanting one for years. I always had one with me in the Army. I have heard of them but never really checked them out. Good deal

btw : coupon code is "edc" ( or "stocks" ) for 5% (?) off.

My kind of shop.

My order is already shipped - 6 hours after I placed the order ! Considering it's still early morning in NJ ... wow.

Good find, looks like a really good site with decent prices.

Aloha and welcome to BLF Threshrr!

Hello and thank you.

Received the stuff - international shipping @ 7 days !

Comparison : Took 14 days to get stuff from goinggear.com.

Recommended. Highly.

When I have the funds, getting a Opinel No 8 & a Mora classic or clipper.

Forgot to mention : FREE Spy Capsule with every order! http://edcdepot.com/spycapsule.aspx

Looks like a good option. Not a lot of flashlights, but maybe we could make requests for our favorites. CPF, if you'd like, you can create a "Rating" thread for EDCdepot.com similar to the other ones in this category, and I'll make it sticky.

Uhhh ... how do I do that ? Possible to convert this thread itself ?

The easiest way is just to copy one of the existing reviews and change the links and the pros and cons. If you create it in your name, then you'll be able to edit the pros and cons in the first post as time goes by.