Editing out sales

Why do people here do it? Did you carry it from another forum or did you just start doing it here? I don’t understand it. I want to see what stuff people sold at so that I can have a reference for what to pay for something or what to expect to sell something for.

Why are most sales edited out as SOLD? I saw that same thing happen on a computer hardware site I used to visit.

You have a valid point.

A WTS thread, when the item/s gets sold, should have its title edited at the the end with the word “SOLD” and nothing else is changed.

I see it very often in the flashlight community, not just on here but everywhere. Its annoying that all the references get removed, although maybe that is the reason why?

I wonder if someone did it, then everyone just copied them since it became the culture?

Used electronics will sell for whatever they sell for. Knowing what someone else sold theirs for means nothing.
Having a reference is useful for new purchases but used can be any price depending on availability.
The only price that makes any difference is what similar items are selling for at the same time. That gives the buyer leverage.
It is also done as a courtesy to OCD buyers and sellers so as not to give them a number to focus on.
Best practice. Not joking.
I also wonder if it’s done to stir up these kinds of conversations?

Anything is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
I also would like the sales to stay posted as it helps to see what someone else is willing to pay but I guess it’s their right to take it down if they wish.

I hate people that do it! Are you paranoid? Is the IRS/Wife/Divorce Lawyer/CIA/FBI/NSA/ETC coming after you?

May I suggest that the person that decides to buy the item quotes the whole original post along with the unconditional “I’ll take it” :smiling_imp:

I saw a ZL that was sold on here for 40, I wish I got it but knowing that it existed really did make me want to login here more to check out the site and watching the sales.

If it does mean nothing, why not keep it there? I feel that if one person didn’t edit out their sale of a similar product, it would have rendered useless removing references. I like seeing prices just because its confusing as threads with comments removed.

It only started happening really a short while ago. It might have been done a time or two before, but not often enough to catch my attention. Now, it seems like posts are edited out a lot! I wish they would keep the original post and just update it to say SOLD in both the title and the First Post, leaving the rest unchanged.

Just my own personal preference, I prefer to see sold items deleted entirely from the original listing, just to “clean up” said listing. Otherwise, someone who’s selling 10 lights, replete with detailed descriptions, pix from all different angles, etc., I’d have to wade through all that just to see that 9 of them are sold, and the loner is the 9000lm 3×AAA AnusOnFire light that no one wants.

Or worse, left intact, so that you have to wade through the 87 followup posts just to figure out who bought what, who backed out, what’s back up for sale, etc.

Hell, when I do crossword puzzles, I actually cross out the clues to the “done” entries, as to avoid visual clutter. So that’s why I prefer the above approach.

But hey, unless I’m the one selling anything, go’n’do whatever youse want. :smiley:

I would rather have a rule that says “there is no rule” …

When I see CPF mods mention this in a WTS thread I always think …” who cares …get a life “.

“She spent an astonishing amount of time in attending lectures and demonstrations, distributing literature for the Junior Anti-Sex League, preparing banners for Hate Week, making collections for the savings campaign, and such-like activities. It paid, she said; it was camouflage. If you kept the small rules you could break the big ones.”

“The first rule of fight club……is to pick the biggest guy in the room and smash him in the face ”

Yes, I am firmly against making rules for people to have to do things a certain way here. I would rather use peer pressure to get them to change their minds. :innocent:

P.S. “peer pressure” of course meaning that lots of other members would want it done the same way and that way becomes the norm, not just me twisting people’s arm. :wink:

Yeah I don’t like it, but its not a big deal, just don’t get why its done. If it came from people selling boss lights, cool spies, or customs I hope it doesn’t stay here, the prices are way more reasonable and I don’t think the prices need to be defended. :slight_smile:


Who would think that flashlight forums would make you laugh? Seriously, both of those scenarios are the norm.

WTS: Cleaning out drawer, HDS, Liteflux, Surefire, etc ALL MUST GO! CHEAP!!
etc = AnusOnFire light, everything else gone.

or, as you said, post #88 “Yeah sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to edit the title or post. All sold”