educate me on....

I have been away, without internet, for a year and a half, easy…

I cant find the fees schedule on my PP account… i been home a week and a BLF emitter customer is thinking about ordering… and i cant find out if fees have changed in the last 1.5 —- 2 years?

The fee is around 5% if you want to deal with international customers.

The average fees have not changed. They are still around 5%.

i think i found the fees now…. but thanks

Welcome back Sedstar!

You may remember the BLF Q8. Since you've been gone, the Sorfirn Q8 has been launched (pictured above). Turns out both versions are built in the same Sofirn factory and are very similar. But the Sofirn Q8 uses XP-L HI emitters and has a CW tint while the BLF Q8 uses XP-L HD emitters and has a NW tint. The result is the Sofirn Q8 has a little more throw and the BLF Q8 has a little more flood. Both use the NarsilM user interface. These are not EDC flashlights since they are bulky and weight over a pound with batteries. But they do allow you take in a wide swath of your surroundings out to a good 200 - 300 yards at night.

Just thought I'd share something with you since you've been gone a while. Take care, and welcome back to BLF!


I messaged a few regulars in my message list… and its good to finally be home. both here and at my house.