EE X6 Triple Build - accidentally dedomed one of the three LEDs

Happy New Year to all!!

Yes, a year later, I am finally getting around to building my Eagle Eye X6 triple using the copper heat sink designed in Nitro’s thread here:

I am using the Noctigon XP32mm triple MCPCB with three XP V6 3D emitters installed along with the Ledil CUTE-3 triple optics as are described in Nitro’s original thread.

While drilling the center hole in the Noctigon MCPCB, I accidentally slipped and one of the 3 LEDs was mechanically dedomed. It appears all 3 LEDs still function properly. The only difference I observe so far is the relatively warmer tint of the one dedomed LED.

I am close to completing the build (probably tomorrow) and plan to finish the construction, thus retaining the 2 domed LEDs along with the single dedomed LED.

My question is: Should I do anything to coat the dedomed LED, or just leave it alone? Somewhere else, I think I have read that a clear epoxy is used to coat and protect the bare Phosphor on dedomed emitters. If so, can anyone recommend or point me to the proper epoxy to use?

Actually, I am a bit intrigued to see what mixing the dedomed/domed emitters does to the tint and the resultant beam characteristics. Based on how much I like the results, I may order a replacement MCPCB with 3 domed XP emitters as I do not have the right stuff and skill to replace the dedomed emitter.


Most hobbyists probably leave dedomed LEDs bare. If you want to coat them don’t use clear epoxy. Buy a can of “LED Seal”.

This is the stuff…
I have never tried it though
It will probably lower output

Thanks Firelight2 and Dallas! I could not recall where I had seen reference to this stuff.