EEVBlog - Lithium Ion/Polymer Battery Charging Tutorial

Looks interesting, haven't watched it all yet.

Li-Ion and Li-Po are exactly the same? The name is just a marketing gimmick? hmm... I wonder what he means.

Okay, so nothing really interesting until about 18:00 if you know what CC/CV means, then come a few minutes of pretty interesting discussion about the electronics of a li-ion charger that implements CC/CV. The rest of the video is a quite useless (from my point of view) discussion of a certain charger chip.

Generally they don't use the same types of electrolytes or electrolytes although they can...just to make it more confusing :P

This would be the reason for quoting diffrent nominal voltages between li-ion and li-poly.

The main physical diffrence is Li-poly (li-po) cells are not in a metal case but instead in a fitted pouch. They are also availlable with specifications that simply blow away the best li-ions.

Discharge rates of 30C is quite common now for li-polys, where as li-ions are at there limits around 2C.


Ooh just noticed he has a note under the video :-

"(BTW, the reference to Lithium Ion Polymer being the same as Lithium Ion is in terms of charging, if that was not clear. The Ion Polymer type have polymer anode material and hence a different construction that allows the small pouch type cells shown in the video, and other thin odd shapes shown toward the end)"

Ah, he must've added this comment after I've watched the clip.

same types of electrolytes or electrolytes

durr.... :)

Bah! I'm dyslexic so often Google worlds to check the spelling. Here I've replaced the wrong world...and damn it! I had it spelt correctly already :P

One of those should have been "electrodes"