Efest customer service - Grade A

This post is not a review of Efest cells but of the Efest store and my service during a recent buy.

I had purchased a few of their cells in the 10440, 14500, and 14650 sizes from an eBay seller and being pleased with the results decided to make a larger purchase direct from the Efest store. I knew the shipping time would be longer and the small handling fee of $2.27 was easily absorbed by the much lower prices. I purchased 4 twin packs(8 cells) each of the 10440 and 14650 cell sizes for a total cost of $58.27 or an average price of $3.39 for the 10440’s and $3.89 for the 14650’s. The order was placed on March 6 and received about 3 weeks later.

At one point during the shipping period I sent them an email asking if they had shipped and within one day was told that yes, they had indeed shipped and a tracking # was included.

The first thing I did after unpacking them( bubble wrapped in bubble envelope, 10440’s boxed in pairs, 14650’s boxed individually) was to check each cell with a dmm. 6 of the 10440’s measured 3.96xV and 2 4.15xV. Of the 14650’s, 7 measured 3.80xV and one measured 0.0V.

Rather than go back to the website, I used the previous email and replied to that with info about the dead cell. This was a mistake on my part, I should have used the contact link instead. After a few days having not heard from them I used the site link and was promptly answered with a request for a short video showing the cell reading 0V. I have small hands and was unsure how I would hold the cell, both probes, and my iPhone until I came up with the simple expedient of placing the cell in an unplugged charger with one probe between the cell and the positive terminal. This freed up my right hand for the iPhone.

Video recorded, email sent, later that evening(last night) I received a reply that a new cell would be sent out immediately. I had told the CS rep that I would be fine with either a new cell or a credit, whichever was easier for them.

In my dealings with online retailers, it has not been uncommon to send several emails or wait days or even weeks for a reply. Things happen, orders get fouled up or items don’t work right, we all have experienced this. What sets some retailers above the rest is how they deal with the customer for either a simple request for information or with a genuine problem that needs resolution. In both instances the Customer Service at the Efest store was ready. Good job and thank you.

At this point if I needed a few cells quickly I would use r-lsales on eBay as his prices are reasonable and being located in Utah, conus shipping times are brief. For a larger order or one I didn’t need quickly I would not hesitate to return to the efest store.

Thanks for the feedback Rufusbduck. Its good to here about quality after sales service. Well done Efest.

I have had three small orders from efeststore and they all arrived within 2 weeks in good condition

Unfortunately for those of us not located in the US, the new USPS shipping rates (and indeed even the shipping times) makes purchasing from US sellers not feasible, which makes me sympathize with the good US Sellers, it’s lucky they have a large enough domestic market to keep it viable for them. So thanks for also including the International sellers information as options for those of us outside of the US.