Efest LUC V4 or Opus BT-C3400

Trying to decide between these 2. Read a lot of reviews on Opus, but not much out there on Efest. Need 2 amp, car charging and dependability. Already have Nitecore I4, which is dependable but takes forever to charge 26650 batteries.
My main question is on Opus dependability and any Efest owners out there with any personal experience/info. Price is about $20 difference between both. Thanks for any input.

Have you considered the Xtar SP2? It has 2A charge rate per channel and my SP1 is been working great in my car.

Here is a review I found on the Efest charger……….


I have 2 of the LUCs and they are my favorite chargers out of the several I have acquired over the last 3 years. They both terminate a little high at 4.23 and 4.22 but otherwise are bulletproof and can charge at 0.5A and 1A in all 4 slots and can also charge at 2A in inner 2 slots for my 26650s.

No, it looks good, but I forgot to mention I need 4 bays. I charge a bunch of batteries for night bike rides.

carmantl, which models do you have?

First series LUC V4.

I was going to order the Opus, then saw the Efest Bluetooth 6 bay, then a realization after reading you had two Luc V4’s; I can buy 2 Luc V4’s for the price of either and have 8 bays, 4 for charging 26550’s at high amp.
Anyway I ordered a Luc V4 and when I get it, if I like it I’ll get another. :bigsmile:

Xtar SP2 is mostly out of production / discontd ,

I am trying all sources to buy one, but could only find it in Aliexpress,

Ordered from fasttech , but my order got cancelled , being out of stock.

So , if any one can tell me where I can get it , I would definitely get it.

Same with efest , very few sellers selling ( Not a single seller in Aliexpress both model Luc S2 & Luc V4 ), found some in ebay ( USA location ), for me shipping is unreasonable to india ( more than $20 !!!)

Even I need 2A , sometime don’t have the time ( photography stuff ).

Xtar SP2 is top on my list ( Reason HKJ )

Not really interested in Opus !!!,

Just wan’t to just get the job done fast , plain & simple !!!

I read that the BT-C3100 V2.2 is exactly the same as the BT-C3400 V4.4 which is branded for a retail market in the US.

The Opus BT-C3100 V2.2 is currently on sale for the next 5 days from this site for a grand total of $33.16 (US Plug) with free shipping.