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Ekoras R7

Hey folks should be a quick review of the Ekoras R7, I already have a video review out of the R7 its below. The R7 is a round S2/A6 style 21700 flashlight that has an integrated shelf making it great for modding. I stumbled across the R7 while browsing on AliExpress and i thought I would give it a go, I am always on the hunt for new cheaper lights to mod.

Build quality of the R7 is great I bought the purple R7 and its built to what I would say is a convoy standard or maybe even better in some respects. At only around 15 USD I didn’t expect much but the R7 surpassed all my expectations. The R7 is made from usual mumbo jumbo aircraft grade bullshit I mean aluminum and is hard anodized type 3 in purple to keep haters out. The R7 appears to have a stainless steel bezel stock and does come with AR coated lens which is a nice complement to the SMO reflector.

The ekroas R7 comes with a few different LED options either the Cree XML2 or the Luminus SST-40. The XML2 and SST-40 come in either a 5000k (my one) or 6500K tint. The LED board is copper and it is 20mm diameter which is a nice upgrade from the usual 16mm MCPCBs.
Driver wise it’s okay kind of a love hate situation, the driver is 20mm in diameter so the R7 has plenty of upgrade option you can even fit a boost driver in here.

The driver is current limited the most I got out of the driver using a clamp meter and a Mollicell 40T was just under 5amps so its not doing crazy amperage. With a littokala 21700 cell I got around 4 amps. The board design is pretty average so don’t expect to much.
The driver does stepdown after 3 mins on turbo and also has a temp stepdown apparently if it reaches 65 degree Celsius it will stepdown. The R7 driver does have reverse polarity protection and a low battery voltage alarm from 3.1-2.9v.

Output with the NW SST-40 is okay but it’s nothing special considering its on a copper board but at about 1500 lumens its not to bad. The slightly bigger SMO reflector makes the beam super usable giving the R7 more throw than a S2 I would say more throw than a S2+ with a SMO and XPL-HI.

Size wise its great not much bigger than a standard S2 style flashlight they are basically the same length the R7 is slightly wider than the S2. The weight of the R7 is a bit more noticeable but that could be because I am using a 21700 cell.

  • Lens is 24mm
  • Reflector is 24mm
  • MCPCB is 20mm
  • Driver is 20mm
  • Weight 85 grams

Modes are as follows I expect this to receive much hate here on BLF lol
• High
• Medium
• Low
• Strobe
• Turbo
• Sos

Some specs
• Case Material: 6061 Aircraft-grade aluminum, Premium type Ⅲ hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish and better heat dissipation

• LED Type: Luminus SST40 LED emitter

• Lumens: R7 Max 1200lm (1500 lumens tested)

• Light distance: Max 300M

• Net Weight: 150g with battery (21700)

• Waterproof: IPX7, can use in rainstorm

• Working Voltage: 2.7-4.2V

• Switch Tail tactical switch

• Lens: Toughened glass lens AR coated

• Cup material: Smooth reflector

• Battery: Powered by 1 unit rechargeable 21700/18650 battery (No battery included)

• Dimensions: 127mm(length)*27mm(diameter)*27mm(head)

Wait i forgot what’s inside the package?
• Lanyard with the Ekoras branding
• Clip (I am not scratching the purple for a clip)
• 18650 adaptor

Beam shots, shot at ISO 400, 1/8s, auto white balance.

High mode

Medium mode

Low mode

Turbo mode

The trees at 150m its a stretch but if you enlarge you might be able to see them

Left is a S2+ with a Osram CSLPM1.TG in direct drive and right is the Ekoras R7

Left is a S2 with a XHP50.2 in direct drive and right the Ekoras R7

Hahaha i legit forgot something i was going to add to this sigh!

My video review is here

Thanks for the review.

I feel like Ekoras is a hidden gem on Aliexpress. I’m surprised they don’t get more discussion on this site. I have several of their S2+ variants (called C2 and R2). They are a very solid host. But as you say the drivers aren’t anything BLFers will find appealing.

Did you happen to measure the height of the reflector? I’m curious what spacer/optic could replace it.

I didn’t think type 3 hard anodization came in most colors, and they’re actually type 2?

Nice find. I assume the driver is held in with a retaining ring?

Edit: scratch that, I just watched the video and saw the ring. It really does look like a great host!

Hey mate the reflector is 16mm deep. You have a bit of wiggle room with how much you can tighten the bezel plus the lens is 1.5mm thick. Only issue i can see is you delete the lens its 24mm in diameter so the 20mm optics won’t work. I have some Kaidomain triples here i will give it a go when i get a chance.

So how exactly does this differ from the S2+. I like the type 3 anodization.

I am not sure, sorry i can only go by what they say. It would have to be the same as what ever Convoy uses.

Yea its good it transfers the heat well to the body much faster than a S2/S2+ style light, the bigger MCPCB probably helps dissipate the heat faster.

Main differences would be it uses a 21700 cell instead of a 18650, its using an integrated shelf instead of using a pill system. Larger driver and LED space 20mm each.

And a stainless bezel. I’d pick this over the S21, but I really wish it were 18650.

Sorry, I should have asked the difference with the S21.

Seems comparable to the S21B since it has an integrated shelf. I don’t think the S21A has an integrated shelf.

R7 is probably using a 5A driver? While S21B is using a 6A driver?

Not a huge fan on the UI especially since S21B gets hot really quickly when running at 100. I found 50 a better choice when using the S21B.

I wish manufacturers would just use Crescendo or Biscotti instead of their own UI. Biscotti for those who wish to have blinkies and Crescendo for those who wish not.

The R7’s driver (as EDSG pointed out in the video) is simply using a FET (for PWM) with an inline current limiting resistor. So current will completely depend on battery voltage and the LED’s vF.

And the bezel opening or ID is what? 22mm?

i have never seen that UI mode order

as you say “plenty of hate’’ at least from me

that is truly awful

does it also have memory, or next-mode memory?


• Medium
• Low
• Strobe
• Turbo
• Sos

one important thing is, what is the cost?

or give a link so we can go find out…



Can’t tell which store is legit - maybe both,
Ekoras Official Store or Ekoras Direct Store

I think its $15 on Ali. Cheap.

Its 24mm the lens sits inside the bezel on the R7.

I mean the inner diameter of the SS bezel. Basically what is the diameter of the glass showing from the outside with the light assembled. My pixel counting measurements suggest ~21.4mm