Elektro Lumens Anglelux

The Anglelux is a flashlight I’ve been selling for a very long time. I use Fulton Industries MX 991/7 flashlights, modify them to use a Cree XML LED, a micropuck SHO boost circuit, and a IRIS 30mm reflector. About 240 lumens, runs 24 hours to 50% of original brightness, and another couple of days. I never have run one more than 72 hours, but they still give off light even after this long. A tremendous emergency preparedness flashlight, hunting flashlight, or if you are in the big Sand Box, they are great for that too.

Here’s a link for the web page for this flashlight: Elektro Lumens Presents "AngleLux"

I modify these to order. Available in green, black, tan, camou (desert tan or green jungle.) :slight_smile:


Not sure why, but I’ve always wanted one of these.

I have a 3C triple K2 from you that I still love to bits - keep meaning to put 3 XM-L’s in it instead after I find an optic that works with it.

I’ve been selling the Anglelux for a long time. For emergency or camping you can’t beat it. Also has the colored lenses in the tail cap piece; red, blue, etc.


this is the flashlight that started it all for me! my father was in the military, and as a kid growing up I was fascinated with his flashlights. one of my favorite toys growing up. I may just have to pick one of these up :slight_smile:

Nice. Looks like it uses a huge TIR lens?

That’s a big 35mm Iris optics. Although these days we do not consider 240 –260 lumens that much, it is pretty bright, and with this optics, has great throw and perfect beam. This flashlight also has the stock color lenses, usually red yellow blue. I use the Micropuck 2009SHO boost circuit to power the XML bin ‘U2’ at 500mA at the start, I never have run the batteries to the end, I just quit testing at 72 hours. Not real bright after 3 days continuous on but still useable light.

I can stack the pucks, two for 700mA, but kills battery run time. I have stacked 3 pucks, I think it was 850mA or 900mA, something like that, but, really ruins run time, which is the purpose of this flashlight, which according to my testing with Eveready Engergizers, is 24 hours to 50% original brightness, and 72 hours run time with useable light. That’s continuous 72 hours, so, if used a few hours here, a few hours there, should be longer.


think about using an xml2 in these? would be a little more efficient i would think

I can try XM-L2