Elektro Lumens Argentum Flashlight

This is a new design flashlight I am considering to make a product on my small line up of flashlights. It is a simple twist on/off/momentary type tail cap switch, very reliable design. It has a Cree XM-L2 powered at around 3 amps, around or just over 1000 lumens, single mode high brightness only. Constructed from 6061 aluminum alloy, and clear anodized (silver, Argentum in latin means silver). At this time this flashlight is machined manually on our manual lathes.

This flashlight is not my design, my son has made kubotans that look very similar, and has sold them on eBay, and he wanted to make something that looked like them, so, he designed this flashlight himself (with some advice from me.) He has been doing some machining work and assembly work for me for around 10 years, so he is not a novice. I am selling this as a Elektro Lumens product, with my warranty and customer service.

We have about 3 prototypes made, one is ready to ship right now. Price is $89.99. If the response is good, I may be putting this up on my shopping cart soon.

If you want one of the prototypes, email me: waynej@elektrolumens.com


Very nice, is it powered by AA, 14500, or 18650?

Oops, sorry, forgot to mention battery source, and dimensions, weight. It uses an 18650 battery. I don’t have it with me at the moment, but will take exact measurements tomorrow and post it. About 5” or so, head is just under 1.5”, body 1.25”.


That is certainly one unique looking light. Congratulations to your son for his superb design work and machining. I’d wish you good luck for the success off the light but I’m sure you wont need that. :slight_smile:

This flashlight is all silver and very minimalist. Look nice though. It kind’a remind me of a silver uniform of a 50s or 60s movie I’ve watched as a kid. Can’t remember the title.

Length: 6”
Head: 1.5”
Tail cap: 1.32”
Body: Approx 1.1”
Weight: 8 oz.
Cree XM-L2 LED
Brightness: 1000+ lumens

This product is available on my shopping cart: http://www.king-cart.com/cgi-bin/cart.cgi?store=elektrolumens&product=EDC-Argentum


Have you considered a MT-G2 flashlight with 2 cell direct drive similar to the ST90?

What´s the design principle for this? The different parts and the lining seems somehow random to me, but I might just not get it.
Must be awesome to be able to make own lights.

If I had the cash, and the switch was different, I would be all over it. Really like the design.

Good luck to your son for his first host and hopefully more

Kudos to your son for this. I like that the good grip comes from the ribbed form and not from the usual cross-cut surfaces. Rather more pocket-friendly this way.

Umm yeah, I did read that… but it does not answer the question.

What I mean is the extrusions and insets and the placement/distances of them. I can´t see no system behind that and I wondered if it´s really just me or if it´s indeed randomly placed.

I’d say it’s pretty random, but the looks don’t appeal to me too much…

I see what you mean. The line separation distances do look random. Perhaps Wayne can cast some light. If it’s different in each piece, then they’re unique and no 2 will be alike.

It looks $10-15 interesting, but not $90. :frowning:

It is hand machined, and uses quality components I’m sure. This isn’t Chinese grade 6061 aluminium. There appears to be a lot of time put in to it.

$10-$15 might be a bit low, lol.

Handmade in the good old USA, I'd say it's worth the price. $10-$15? lol!!!!!

yeah anything made in the usa wont be that cheap - it costs $10-15 just to turn the lights on!