EMERGENCY reflow question...LED pos & neg (THANKS ALL...SUCCESS!!!)

I'm in the middle of my first reflow with an XP-G2. How do I tell the pos. from the neg. on the LED itself. There is a tiny black mark on one corner. With a magnifying glass it looks like a + , but my eyes can't be sure.

Please help.

Yeah, that little tiny “” mark is the positive. At the bottom right corner in relation to the mark there should be a black square on the negative side.

black dot in corner is negative…

see here

Its not clear as im drunk and this was max zoom. But black dot is definitely negative side of led.

Okay. Thanks everyone. Wish me luck.

MY first reflow was a smashing success. Whew! Thanks everyone for your expeditious help.
Just when you think you studied everything and are ready to go…there’s always that one dumb little thing you weren’t counting on.
I tried to reflow using the soldering iron from the bottom, but I think mine is not man enough for the job. In the end I used a pan on the stove…worked great.
Now to see if I can install this little bugger into my D25A Mini.

I download the data sheet for any LED I’m planning on reflowing for just that reason.

I just downloaded them to my Evernote. Handy to have at your fingertips.