Emisar D1

Yes, I accidentally ordered the efest for my MF-01, before I read HKJ’s review. Good to know though that the VTC6 are recommended for this light - that was another accidental purchase I made, thinking they were the button top version. Now I’ll be able to put them to a good use, and have some spares! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info!

It’s a great light, and you can’t go wrong with any of the cells discussed. Just don’t put UltraFire or protected NCR18650B in it or something like that. Cheers man! :partying_face:

I just ordered a VCT6 from Illumination Supply as they were out of stock over at Mountain. I orderd the D1 last night!

I am confused though. It says pre-order on Mountain website - not shipping until 9.29 but I got an email this morning saying it shipped. Are they already in stock and shipping?

Strange. I placed an order yesterday morning and have yet to receive a “shipped” email.

My Emisar D1 arrived a couple days ago. I love it! :heart_eyes:

I took some beamshots comparing it with two ‘pocket throwers’ that many BLF members will be familiar with.

The EagleEye X6R is the rechargeable, dual-switch variant of the EagleEye X6, which the Kronos X6 was based on. Mine has a TA driver from Lexel running Narsil. The X6R’s reflector isn’t identical to the X6, but it’s close.

The Astrolux S3 is the clone of the Kronos X5.

All three lights have XP-L HI emitters in neutral white tint.

Location 1 - D1 vs X6R

Location 1 - D1 vs S3

Location 2 - D1 vs X6R

Location 2 - D1 vs S3

To my eye, the D1 out-throws the S3, but doesn’t quite match the X6R. I think the smaller form factor more than compensates for that. :wink:

When my Solarforce clip arrives, the Emisar D1 will be my new favorite pocket thrower.

I ordered mine today from Mountain Electronics and the order status says Complete, whatever that means.

@goshdogit thanks for those beamshots!

Just got an email from Mountain. Apparently some color/ led combinations are already in stock so mine was indeed sent today! I ordered the black in neutral white. 9.29 is the date where all variants will be in stock I believe.

Awesome beam pics goshdogit, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

would love to see this compared to Convoy C8 XPL.

Would like to see that too. But I doubt it can out throw a stock XPL HI 7135x8 C8. A modded FET C8 would destroy the D1. But the most important thing about the D1 is that it’s very capable for such a small light. And it can throw while still having a decent sized hotspot and useful amount of spill. I haven’t been this impressed by a pocketable thrower since nineteen ninety eight when the Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer’s table.

pocketable? He is a 300 pounds thrower The Undertaker throws Mankind off the top of the Hell in a Cell: June 28, 1998 - King of the Ring - YouTube

Yeah, mine is grey and neutral white. They must not be in Stock yet:-(

I don’t have a pictures but my c8 with mtn 17dd and xpl-hi v3 3c has a lot more throw.

[quote=UserM4I haven’t been this impressed by a pocketable thrower since nineteen ninety eight when the Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer’s table.[/quote]

That is an awesome reference my man, but is it edc able? Undertaker would take one heck of a pocket clip

I opened up my D1 to flash ToyKeeper’s new ‘Andúril’ UI to it. I tried it on a Q8 and just had to have it on the D1 too! :laughing:

I removed the emitter PCB’s screws and desoldered the wires so I could push the driver out from the front like on the D4.

The screws are at a slight angle and the heads rub the inside wall. I was careful while reinstalling them.

I pushed the driver out with a bamboo skewer through the negative wire’s hole. The driver wasn’t glued, but it’s a snug fit.

The switch wires are long enough to tilt the driver to access its goodies.

Got mine today, really pleased with size, throw and UI of course

Size comparison, from lesft to right :
D1, D80, EC4, C8

D4 and D1 :

It out throws my XP-L HI D80 and equals my EC4 (dedomed XM-L2) but of course my XP-L HI FET driven C8 is far more intense.
A real pocket thrower !

:sunglasses: pics

Mine has been in my left pocket, D4 in right pocket! Just have to remember not to shove any keys n coins in there!

I love mine so far. I got it in today from Mountain. Ordered it 3:45 Saturday and got it today in the mail box. How is that even possible? Unbelievable the output in such a small single emitter reflector flashlight. It has enough spill to be very useful and a nice even hotspot. It throws similar to my completely stock astrolux s2. It’s quite a bit smaller and has the same awesome UI as the newest version of the D4. I can’t think of a better mixed throw/some usable spill edc flashlight. If you need your edc to reach out to intermediate distances, it will be hard to beat the D1 especially for its size. Hank I love your approach to building flashlights, I think my wife hopes it will be a few weeks before you release any more!! Some kind of nonsense about buying food and gasoline. Who needs to eat when you can buy new flashlights:-)