Emisar D1 / D1S review

Same boat, But haven’t tried emailing yet, Was going to give until end of week :expressionless:

I just pasted the body of the email confirmation to a message on BLF and he shot me the tracking info within a day

I ordered the 4th and did not receive any updates until I sent him an email via reply to the original order confirmation email. He replied immediately with tracking info but that has not been updated since …………

November 12, 2017, 11:42 am
Processed Through Facility
Your item has been processed through a facility in GUANGZHOU EMS, CHINA at 11:42 am on November 12, 2017.
Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
November 9, 2017, 6:22 pm

I was going to give it at least 3 weeks before getting restless

there was an 11 day gap of tracking being updated between leaving china and getting in to NYC, but then updates resumed until it was delivered, YMMV

Well that some reassurance, 11 business days since the first and only tracking event…

I captured some beamshots of the Emisar D1S and several other lights at three locations.

I wanted to compare the D1S and D1 to help others decide which to get, or to convince D1 owners to get a D1S as well. :smiley:

I also included the Emisar D4, EagleEye X6R, and Maxtoch Shooter 2X. The D4 is obviously the floodiest of the group, and the Shooter 2X the throwiest. My X6R with a TA driver performs almost exactly like a Kronos X6.

The D1 and D1S both have XP-L HI V2 3A 5000K emitters.
The D4 is an early model with the 219C 5000K ~80 CRI emitters, not the newer 90+ CRI ones.
The X6R has an XP-L HI V3 3B emitter.
The Shooter 2X has a factory-dedomed XM-L2 U4 1A emitter.

Above, from left to right: D1, D1S, Shooter 2X, X6R, D4

In all three locations, each light is mounted at waist height with the camera positioned directly above it.

Location one is a forest trail with the lights aimed straight ahead at the tree trunk in the center.

Location two is an open field with the lights aimed straight ahead at the evergreen tree in the center.

Location three is an open field with the lights aimed upward at the tree’s leaves to accentuate hotspots and reduce spill on the ground.

The trees in each location are 115 feet (35 meters) away.

Emisar D1S vs Emisar D1:

These smaller .GIFs comparing the D1S to other lights are clickable to view larger:

Emisar D1S vs EagleEye X6R:

Emisar D1S vs Maxtoch Shooter 2X:

Emisar D1S vs Emisar D4:

The original photos’ thumbnails are clickable to view larger. Here is a link to the imgur album.

Left to right: D1S, D1, X6R, Shooter 2X, D4

Back when my D1 arrived, I posted some comparison beamshots of the Emisar D1, EagleEye X6R, and Astrolux S3 (Kronos X5) in another thread.

EDIT: Added emitter information near the top. This info was previously only included in the photos.

Amazing shots, thank you !
Now I can’t wait to have my D1S !

Great comparison shots, but you aren’t making this wait any easier!

Does the range increase correspond in poportion to the candela increase?

Nice job goshdogit………. thanks man!

For those that are waiting on an item coming from China, Customs are dragging there feet. Not sure why or why not but I have had two separate lights ordered from separate companies take about a week and half longer to get to me with no tracking information other than it is still in china until it is delivered to me. From what I can find out customs is having a hard time with this time of year.

I don’t think it’s the wait, well for me it isn’t.

I just needed to know if I had a package coming or not, or if fell through the cracks and waiting for nothing to come.
But Neal replied and i’m all good now. :+1: :smiley:

Received my D1S ordered from Neal.

- Super fast FREE shipping with tracking: 7 days from China to Sweden.

- Impressive throw from a relatively tiny light that does fit in most (slightly larger) pockets and doesn’t weigh much.

- Solid quality.

- The new coating feels like chalk and I don’t like it (the original D4 coating is much nicer to touch); well at least it’s not slippery.

- Love the UI.

Quite mixed reports on the coating so far, i am holding off till the “normal” type ano is or will be available. Shame as the extra grip would be useful, but cant be doing with that type of feel. I can get a good idea from the “like chalk”. I am sure Hank will read comments, no doubt be addressed in future batches.

After a week you will not notice the feel.

The normal Ano is only available on the grey and black colors.

Funny, my friend picked up my D1S and shuddered. He said, “It’s like nails on a chalkboard!” :smiley:

He wants a D4 but is totally turned off by the texture.

I don’t get any weird sensations from the new ‘rough’ anodizing, but I understand the feeling.

I prefer the smooth texture of the earlier Emisars.

I would like to see each model have at least 1 colour offered in each surface finish so that people can choose.

I’m also holding off on the D1s in the hopes that a smooth ano version is released, though I asked Hank in an email about this and he said that there was no plan to release in smooth.

The texture on my new Cyan D4 doesn’t bother me in the least. Maybe it’s because I’m 65 and my hands aren’t as sensitive as they used to be. That said, I’m looking forward to getting my grey D1S from Mountain Electronics.

That has been my experience and the reaction of people I’ve handed one to. Really unpleasant finish and it also seems to be brittle compared to the original. It smooths out with use and no longer feels like nail on a chalkboard, just cheap feeling instead.

And these lights cost a fortune! The ano should be MUCH better! :slight_smile:

I was browsing online looking for a knife in a particular blade steel, seeing what’s out there… saw some custom’s in excess of $2000 for a folding pocket knife! Man am I glad I don’t have THAT bug!

It was awesome to start with, why ruin it?