WTB | Emisar D1S

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What are the differences between the D1/D1S?

I have a D1, and luv it.

D1S has a much bigger head/reflector. D1 is a more pocketable thrower.

Huge difference in throw?

I like the heft of throw in such a small package like the D1.

I don’t know what is considered a huge difference but here is ToyKeeper’s review of the lights:

Hey, thanks! Anon.

I own the D1 and D1S. It’s a huge difference. :smiley:

I posted some beamshot comparisons in TK’s review thread mentioned above.

I’ll put his reply up here.

Notice that there is no option to purchase it any longer. :wink:

From his reply…


Yup, wanted a D1S and did not get around to it either. The new K1 looks good, but is not what I am after. I have the D1 and the D4V2 and the D1S fits the need for a little more throw with out going overboard.

Many thanks, Kindle. :slight_smile: Did he say if he will start to produce them again or if it is a limited left-over?

This sounds good……I also missed out on D1S

After checking the site a couple of times and still not seeing them I sent Hank another email inquiring about the situation.

This was the reply…

So as of right now it appears they are finished.

Which brings us back to the initial post….if someone has an extra they’d like to part with feel free to shoot me an IM.

PM sent to Kindle.

I’m starting to think I should have taken yours when you offered. lol

You inspired me to buy one from the classifieds. Great throw. :+1:

Goshdogit May have a couple more to share?

Starkm32 bought one of mine. Now I’m down to just one left.

I’ll be keeping this one. :smiley:

Best of luck finding one, Kindle. The D1S is awesome.

It seems now that they’re out of production, lots of folks are seeking them. There are several r/flashlight members with WTB postings for them.

For me it’s definitely not a need. I have more throwers than I can use these days and if I wanted something to fill that exact niche I could just grab a GT Mini. The slightly goofy aesthetic of the D1S just appeals to me. :smiley:

One of those WTB posts on reddit is mine (I’m Big_Green_Tick over there). lol

Me too! I only wish it had a forward-clicky tail switch in addition to the e-switch. Andúril is so nice with a dual-switch setup.

BTW, I had a GT Mini and sold it because the switch was a bit small and soft.

It is an ugli in terms of looks (aesthetics), but what a beaut of a throw!

Blessed are deep, smooth reflectors. :+1: :beer: