Emisar D18 introduction

How? Did you PM him on here for that? That’s exactly what I want as well. 5D is 5000k isn’t it? That’s what both my D4 and D4S are and I love that tint

Closer to 3700K-4000K.


I should have a review up shortly after a production model arrives. I can’t claim to be an impartial reviewer though.

Nice :slight_smile: Hope to see this as an option :slight_smile:

Yeap. I have to agree with skv89. Xpl 5000k tint is so nice on my d4s.

I don’t know if it’s a good idea to post a link that might take sales away from the OP, Original Poster.

There might be rules against it.

I think most folks can find Skylumens website without a link.

Actually 5D tint is 4000k. 3A/3D is 5000k and those look great too especially for daytime use when my eyes are adjusted to daylight. However, at night time when my eyes are adjusted to 3000k room lighting, 4000k 5D looks a lot less blue than 5000k so I chose 5D. You have to email Hank for the XPL-HI option. He probably don’t have enough of the A or D tint binned XP-L HIs to offer them as a standard option.

He might not right now…. But after you letting the oh, so beautiful cat out of the silk bag, Hank will be along with other emitters, as an option. I myself Hank will buy 2 each of XPL-HI V3, 2 each of XPL-HI 5D.

I notice there is a 5D1, 5D2, 5D3, AND 5D4. Is there much difference between them ? They
all look rosy to me.

Got my 2nd D18 today. Unfortunately it is still using the old 2019-01-05 firmware (because level 65 and 120 are non-PWM). What a pity…

Would you please ask Hank why you received two lights with older firmware and let us know what he says?

Sure. Just contacted with Hank. He said from his record the flashed firmware should be the latest one he received from TK. He will contact with TK and get back to me.

Just to make sure, I downloaded the latest .hex file I sent, anduril.2019-03-21.emisar-d18b.hex . I flashed it. I set the ramp floor to 50, and measured the power usage. Exactly 350 mA. I did a checksum and compared to my other copy. Same checksum. So I’m pretty sure I sent the right thing.

Another way to tell if it’s the old version is by what level it defaults to after loosening the tube, clicking the button, and tightening the tube again to reboot the driver. The old 01-05 version should default to the 1x7135 level, while the 03-21 production version defaults to 14x7135.

Alright, Hank is sending me two new ones with the latest firmware :smiley: . Also he confirmed that the other D18’s are all of the latest firmware too.

Thank you TK! That’s really a simple way to tell the firmware version.

Hey uh… Hank… Er, both my D18s have the old firmware too…uh, please send more D18s :smiley: lol jk

Edit: to add extra clarity, I currently am still waiting for my order to arrive.

How many people have gotten theirs? I want to see video reviews or pictures but at the same time I dont because I know I am gonna want to buy it

What would the approximate lumens be at the default 14x7135 level?

It’ll vary with the emitter type, but around ~2000 lumens I think. Ish. I haven’t measured a fully-assembled one, and my light box isn’t particularly accurate.

Looking into the solution for that… :wink: