Emisar D18 introduction

I’d like to introduce our new Emisar D18, 18*SST20 LED, 3*18650, 14000 OTF lumens, 65kcd head 58mm, body, 46mm, height,102mm.

I just saw photos posted in the other thread. I drooled.

When is it available to buy? :slight_smile:

That looks so good! NICE! :money_mouth_face:

Yes, SST20 6500K, 5000K, and high CRI 4000K, 3000K options.

Should be before the end of this month.


What will the colors be available? What will the firmware be used and will it be possible to flash (as in d4s)? Will it have an aux leds?

Awesome, I want one! :heart_eyes:

Any details on pricing, or is that TBD?

Oh, it will never end. I thought I already had everything I wanted, and here’s another flashlight that I want. Why are so few companies doing 4500K high CRI ?. I really like this range.


That looks so amazing!
You are planning to make a flashlight on the emitters of the XHP family? This will help fight the heat.

Any details on the driver?

Any option with other leds? Nichia 219c or XP-L?

What battery configuration is used?

Its gorgeous Hank.

looks like no aux leds? and how come 3*18650 and not 4 ? wouldnt 20700 or 21700 been better to use for better runtimes? looks like a fun sodacan light tho and nice design the sand color really looks cool Hank :slight_smile:

RIP wallet.

This can’t be less than 100 bucks right?

I’m glad I don’t have to keep this to myself any more. :slight_smile:

This light is really bright. Like, really really bright. I can’t even measure it properly, because it’s way more lumens than I have equipment for. It’s like a Noctigon Meteor M43 but a bit smaller, a lot brighter, and with a smooth/stepped ramping UI.

Just so I have an idea, how many BLF Q8s does it equate to?

almost 3 or so, since it does around 5500+ or something on high drain batteries.