CUSTOM Emisar D18 builds are AVAILABLE!

There’s been a lot of buzz around the custom 4 different tint SST-20 D18 that Hank built for TK. I’ve also seen a number of users request information on whether they could buy one like that.

I decided to PM Hank to ask and he confirmed YES he is willing to do custom builds for the D18 for an upcharge! :laughing:

Custom multi-tint (tint-mixing) SST-20 D18: PM Hank advising what you want and send him your order # - custom build charge is an additional $15.00 ($114.00 total price)

Custom XPL-HI option: PM Hank advising what emitters you want and send him your order # - custom XPL-HI charge is an additional $50.00 ($149.00 total price)

Here are pictures and details about TK’s amazing 4 tint D18:

Link to the D18 introduction thread:
Emisar D18 Introduction
Link to TKs custom built Emisar D18:
TK’s Emisar D18 review
Link to Hanks user page to send him PM:
Hank Wang

From intl-outdoor?

Thank you for clarifying this, mattadores! I wonder if it would be possible to get the D18 without any leds? I have got lots of 4000K Luxeon V2s and would love to swap them in a D18.

I’m curious about this too. I dont want 18 SST-20’s i’ll never use.


I would highly recommend that you send Hank a PM. He seems very willing to provide modified orders

The day he can put some osram emitters in it is the day I would buy one.

I really want to jump on this…
But it looks like I’ll have to wait several weeks until my cash reserves recover

Anyone know the throw and overall lumens if you go with XPL-HI?

Aux possible?

Horrible throw and oodles of overly floody lumens. (Based on my experience with a D4s with XPL, and another with SST20 LEDs. The int-outdoor website D4s page gives a good comparison between emitters to give you an idea).

Fireflies E07 gets a lot more lumens from their XP-L LEDs vs their SST emitters. Emisars lumen values on the D4s are very close between the two. SST has far more throw, almost the same lumens and $50 cheaper (in the D18). If the D18 is the same as the D4s I’ll probably go SST for the win.

I kind of like how my SST lights have a warmer tint on low settings, then go bright white at higher settings when I really want to light something up. The added throw and cheaper price are just a bonus.

Good news from Hank! :sunglasses: It is possible to get the Emisar D18 without leds for 10$ less. :money_mouth_face: :smiley:

Nice. I now have a TK D18 on the way.

That's a joke right?

Are you wanting to buy 18 SST-20’s? I’ll buy a D18 and sell them to you for $25

I would rather pay 10$ for an empty mcpcb.

What would be the best combo for throw with a neutral tint ? I’m not opposed to mixing them up

The regular SST-20 5000K flavor is probably the best option for that.

That would be too easy…no mixing tints, no challenging Vf problem?

Any chance it’ll come with standby LEDs similar to the D4S?

I ordered a D18 with SST20 3000k and 4000k. I like both Colortemperatures, so i thought this might be really good.
the 4000k has a bit green on low levels? do you think mixing in 3000k will hide that greenish look?
I dont use my lights on very low levels though so i will not suffer to much, but still. :smiley:

Im not sure which layout Hank chose when installing the emitters, but i would guess its like TK’s layout, for maximum blending.

Thanks !