Sofirn SP70 Alone $50, PM for AMZ US CODE(LIMITED)

The ways of chinese flashlight manufacturers are mysterious!
But I’m not surprised that the type of anodising is decided late in the process,

Sofirn has not had a good matte anodizing as far as I know. They recently have this new one (technically the anodization company they use) so they might want to use it. Maybe they are trying a new anodizing company? Who knows.

I say let this thread hibernate and let Sofirn go at their own pace, we had 4 new lights come out on the 14th. I’m busy! :smiley:

What 4 lights do you mean?
I am way behind reading the new threads

Ok I’ll leave this thread alone,but I would have thought that letting the thread hibernate with no incoming chat would indicate to the manufacturer a drop in interest to the project.

D18, MF01S and MF01 mini, not sure what the fourth one is.

Yeah, Emisar D18, Astrolux MF01S, Astrolux MF01 Mini, Lumintop EDC05C

Plus Imalent just announced their two monster lights, the MS18 and R90TS.

Plus the GT Micro is out, I just tested that.

Plus Cree just recently started shipping the 3v version of the XHP50.2. That’s making for awesome mods, like Q8’s doing 15k lumen, etc…

Plus I’m not really checking many new threads because I’m trying to reduce my time on BLF. So there might be new stuff I’m missing. Whew! Lol

I’m sure Sofirn will give us updates when the time comes. I’m curious what their new high drain 26650 is.

JasonWW u better not reduce your activity here on blf…

SP70 is in anodizing factory, I believe it will be available soon.

Give us more details ,pictures of flashlight or beam shot pls.

We already have that. You mean new ones?

Yes more news are weclomed.

You’ve definitely spent a lot of time on BLF, answering pretty much everyone’s questions about pretty much everything. It really helps, and is appreciated. But you definitely don’t have to do that… it seems like it’s practically a full-time job. It’s okay to just enjoy the hobby, instead of making it jobby. :slight_smile:

Whoa… The ’Light Goddess’ is also an aspiring poet…… :wink:

Was reflector tweaked any or better focus achieved?

Sometimes I get an e-mail about promotions and new products in the Sofrin store on Ali. Today I received this:

Yes, they are getting closer on the SP70, but it should not go on sale this soon. I hope a sample light can be tested first. Maybe they will “presale” it? IDK.

Right now they are waiting for some anodized samples to come back of a flat or matte black finished SP70. They may go with this new finish. Have to wait and see.

Saw this mail too looking forward the final product review.

Yeah, they might try to do a preorder during the Aliexpress anniversary. Nothing is confirmed, though. The light itself is still a ways from shipping.

It should also be available on their Amazon USA store.

I don’t know how I feel about a preorder. I guess most people don’t mind paying really early. I prefer paying closer to when the product is actually going to ship out. Maybe it won’t be such a long wait? I’ll try and find out.

Anyway, it’s a good sign. The SP70 is closer to release. :+1: :beer:

Hey Sofirn are we going to have a BLF group buy?

I doubt it, plus there is no one to run it. It will probably be like the Sofirn Q8.