Emisar D1sV2 respectively Noctigon K1

In the german TLF somebody quoted Hank:

“… we do have the plan for the D1SV2, with truely constant current, bigger head, USB-C charger, 21700 battery, should be 50kcd+ with the Osram LED. There will be XHP35HI options as well.”

And futher on he said it should be available in the next 1-2 month.

Sounds extremly exciting! But bigger head+osram LED = 50kcd? Maybe a mistake? Should be much more, shouldnt it?

Cheers, Michael

Exciting, but 50kcd? hopefully, that’s just a typo, a standard well focused stock Convoy C8 with XPL-HI will do about 100 kcd
My C8 with Osram 1mm2 does twice that easily

My hope is that he meant 500kcd :smiley: but maybe thats a bit too much :wink:

D1S is advertised as 130 kcd, that must be a typo. The cancelled D1S+ was supposed to be 320 kcd with Osram LED.

With a bigger head, maybe Hank meant 500 kcd. But… first Emisar using 21700, now that’s exciting!

“Larger reflector” (than D1s v1) and osram 1mm^2 will easily do 500kcd, bet it was just a typo.

Can’t wait to see more. Would love to get it with XHP35 HI (Osrams are surely going to be too narrow for my uses).
Though with a large inductor and Type C port it could really use a high current powerbank capability. :wink:

Hank sent an update: he did mean 500kcd, it was a typo. Nice :wink:

Interested !


Wait, having a linear 5A FET driver means great SST-20 compatibility.

Finally! A stock high CRI super thrower!

Very Interested. Hopefully a high cri offering.

Wow! USB-C, 21700, constant current. It’s like a dream come true!

That would be sweet. I am waiting for something like that since ages.

hoping for a reduction in price in clearing out the version 1. Doubt it however.

Interesting. V1 is already a great compact thrower, at ~130 kcd. If there’s a V2 with 500 kcd, that’ll be … kind of awesome. That would increase the throw from 721m to 1414m. That’s two thirds the throw of a BLF GT, in a light a small fraction the size.

Of course, it’d also be a pencil beam. But that’s to be expected from throwers.

Well, the 1mm^2 “White Flat” does that for you. I wonder what a BLF GT size light with a properly focused “White Flat” emitter would do in terms of throw. Pencil beam for real! :open_mouth:


Sounds awesome!

I’ll certainly add a couple to my collection of Emisars. :slight_smile:

Some news from Hank:

“The USB-C port is only the threads of the tube, so that the waterproof is not affected.
It does not support the firmware updating, however, there are reflashing pads on the back of
the driver, which is the same as the D4V2.

I’m not a fan of usb port in the threads. Don’t like having to touch thread grease and I doubt anyone goes diving with this light. But oh well, at least there’s usb-c in this light.

I on the other hand like the USB port in the threads a lot, it is a solid and waterproof position, superior to putting them in leaking holes under silicon flaps.