Emisar D1sV2 respectively Noctigon K1

I’m looking to buy a Convoy S2+ SST20 7135*8 which takes 18650 and wondered if this will also take 18650 so which battery to choose…

The K1 is designed for a 21700; it will probably work with an 18650, but may need a rare earth magnet or two stuck on the end to make it long enough for reliable contact with the springs.

It would be ideal, if Hank’s listening if the springs were long enough for the K1 to be flexible about battery types, but Emisars have typically used short, stiff springs intended for low resistance. Long springs with wire/braid bypasses solve both problems, but that’s an extra production step, and Hanks lights usually hit pretty competitive price points.

Thanks for the info. I just bought 50E flat top for my Fireflies E07 … not sure if that will work with this or not but I guess I’ll see once this bad boy is ready for sale!!

Yes, a 50E should be a good cell for the Noctigon K1. It only needs to provide about 5 Amps, so a high-capacity cell makes more sense here than a high-amp cell. Using something designed for high current will only make the driver’s regulation hardware run hotter, which may actually cause it to regulate to a lower level than a more moderate cell.

I didn’t think of that, I have a molicell p26a 35a/2600ma in my d1s and zebralight sc64w hi.

A high-amp cell might make sense for the 12V boost version, to keep the maximum output going as long as possible… but it’s probably not a good idea with the 3V linear version. That’ll just give it more extra voltage to burn off.

I’m really eager for runtime graphs of both. I’m actually torn about which I’d prefer (no, I should not get both).

You can easily get adapters/holders for 18650s to make them fit in 21700 devices as well. Many ecig/vape shops likely even have some for sale now that many devices are moving to the larger cells.

Hey Hank,

are there some news for release date? Id like to see the K1 under my christmas tree :smiley:

Thanks! Michael

+1 :money_mouth_face:
Thank you

Excited to see this light :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for this to be released. Any news lately?


Things got delayed, but it should be out very soon if I understand correctly. I have a tracking number for hardware so I can do the final calibration on it, and then I’m guessing it’ll be available to buy almost immediately afterward.

One nice side effect of putting easy flashing pads on it is that hardware can be manufactured before the firmware is complete, and then items can simply be updated before shipping.

TK will you post a review for this light?

I’ve been following this thread closely. I can’t wait for this to be released.

Same here. My D1 is fantastic!

Beautiful!!! So nice to see a new Noctigon :slight_smile:
Nice color options too.

Awesome. I’m definitely getting the white and red LED variants.