Emisar D4SV2 4xW2

Last days I received the Emisar D4SV2 with W2 LED.

Beamshot Gifs

Video comparison W2 - XPL-Hi

2 minutes comparison

with Shockli 26650
Emisar D4SV2 4xW2 6000k - 86000 cd
Emisar D4S 4xXPL-Hi 6500k - 44000 cd

W2 Version
with Ijoy 26650 - 92000 cd
with Samsung 21700 40t - 100000 cd


Nice comparison, thanks :beer:

I think that might have tipped me over the edge :blush:

Wow, I have this and was chasing an X9L but now I’m not sure I need it haha!

Excellent post andreas0401! I prefer warmer tints however this LED option performs so well in my collection it is Hank’s secret best light.

Hi andreas0401,

As usual very useful comparison.

I had been very interested in the comparison between the X9L and the D4sV2 4xw2. Now leaning towards the D4sV2, the 4xw2 combination is great.

It would be interesting someday to see a comparison between the D4sV2 4xw2 and the D4V2 4xw2 that Vinh sells now at Sky Lumen. Maybe Hank at Emisar will offer the 4xw2 for the D4V2 at some point.

I appreciate the work and time you take to create the comparisons.


You can request white flat 2s in “white light” or several other colors (whatever is offered for the KR1 I think) in the D4 direct from Hank AFAIK.

D4SV2 W2 - Lumintop X9L

D4SV2 W2 - Amutorch XT45


Many thanks for the valuable feedback :+1:

I have a Brass D4v2 with (4) Osram “W2” CSLPM1. I ordered it from Hank a couple months back when the brass d4v2 came back out. It is Awesome, and kind’ve the only reason i havent ordered the d4sv2 in W2, because i already have something like it.

It out throws my kr4 sst20 5000k by A good amount.

Plus, Vinh is great and i almost ordered his, but ordering the BRASS d4v2 with W2’s from Hank was cheaper then ordering the Aluminum d4v2 with w2’s from Vinh. just saying… and i put the throwy optic in myself for $3…

andreas0401 - thank you for these posts. they’re great. I would say that I may be getting this soon.

The larger and deeper optics of the D4SV2 by comparison to the D4V2 optics offer more throw, the larger thermal mass also gives longer turbo. Coupled with a 5000mAh plus battery there is plenty of reason to jump to the D4SV2. It’s literally a D4V2 on steroids.

The X9L is a really special light. I know some hate it, some love it, but it is one of very few in my collection i will never sell. I think of it like this - it is as bright as my FT03 xhp50, it legitimately throws just as far as my ft03 xhp50, but it is pocketable (for me) @ only 3/8” longer then the fireflies E07, and same diameter. or 1/2” longer then the KR1 and a 1/4” larger head.

It is remarkable.

Nearly identical to my order :+1:

Spill the beans, how does it differ? Cyan?

Hey man

I’ve just ordered a d4sv2 w2

Is that the same as the one in this post?

Its not secret menu as its listed there on the emmiter option

I already have a d4sv2 xpl hi 6500k so this is really helpful!

No SS bezel :partying_face:

I was deadset on a copper one until I saw the video comparison above. While I’m sure it would be real nice it just wouldn’t be different enough to warrant a spot in my modest collection…

If you decide you want a S/S bezel I’ve ordered one spare.

Thanks for the offer, I’ll keep it in mind :beer:

I guess I could see that, since you’re being all reasonable and stuff lol. But truly, if you do keep your collection modest there probably isn’t enough of a difference. Then again, going by that model I should only have 3-4 lights. :cry:

The copper would be really heavy in the x9l, I got the KR1 copper abd that is a tank, the x9l would weigh more , but handle the heat really well. The copper KR1 handles heat Significantly better then my aluminum, with the same emitters (W2.1, W2.2, xhp50.2, sst40).