Emisar d4VN

Selling a barely used Emisar D4vn WITH SONY VTC5A BATTERY INCLUDED.

light looks new and has probably 10 minutes total use on it.

comes with spec card from vihn with born on date.

light was born on 3/10/2018 and is engraved.

asking 60.00 bux shipped to lower 48.

I don’t know how to post pics here but I can send them thru messenger or e-mail.

Just curious……

What’s the different between Vin driver vs stock FET?

What color is the body and which emitter does it have?

not sure about driver
build card says:
XPL HI 6500K

torch is black.

I don’t think there are any hardware changes to the driver. I think it’s different versions of the firmware that are changed. At least it doesn’t state any hardware changes on their website. All their different firmware UI’s are listed here.


In New Hampshire, just like in New Jersey, and shortly after the Boston tea party, we started calling them Flashlights, just to be different from those across the pond. After selling one of my 5 D4vn’s and 2 stock d4’s, I’m still strangely drawn to this. The only problem is it still leaves me with 9 d4’s…one question. When you click the switch, does it always come on in low, even if you switch it off from high?

To clarify on this. Emisar don’t get other drivers or software, they’re untouched from Vinh.

So I’m clear. They charge $20 to $30 more for the D4/D1/D4S line just because it came from them with a card stating output and a signature? Nice. I’m in the wrong business. To think I just paid $40 to Int’l Outdoor instead of $70 for a XP-L Hi 5000k.

Its funny. I read your post about that yesterday, and I’m just now understanding what you meant

no, it will come on in whatever brightness it was in when shut off.

I wouldn’t say that is correct
for the d4vn
he states,
◦Upgraded optics on all models for throw
◦Blurred center optics window
◦Refer to factory link for great unique UI

So its not completely stock, and its engraved by him to show it is one of his lites
and you get his warranty service which is exceptional.

I have this exact light and LOVE it! Definitely worth the upgrades. Nice throw, more focused “hotspot” but with awesome spill as well. Vinh is a stand up guy who makes some great lights/ mods. He stands behind all of his work. Well respected.

Great little pocket torch here.


At first I had buyers remorse when I ordered my d4vn, but once I had it in my hands, manOman It’s worth every single penny he charges. I basiclly never use my Autrolux s41 and s42 anymore.

D4+vn = magic

Ya, I know…my pompoms are swinging.


I got some mint knives if your willing to trade

You might move this well over on CPF. Just a thought. Great light!

Is that because it’s not considered “budget” still trying to get the demographics between BLF and CPF

PP sent

What Spyderco is that?