Emisar KR4 User Observations

I’ve had my Emisar KR4 for a few days now and have noticed a few things about the UI and light output.
The following observations have all been made with a mostly charged battery.

1) When turned on and in Muggle Mode, the “Muggle Buggle” did NOT show itself after a few minutes.
2) When turned off and in Muggle Mode, the flashlight did NOT turn itself on, in about a half hour’s time.
3) The auxiliary RGB LEDs can NOT be used in Muggle Mode.
4) The switch can be pressed too slowly to effectively change modes or make adjustments. The light just turns on and off.
5) After being turned on in regular or muggle mode (and possibly other modes), and light output is at least at the floor of muggle brightness, the primary LEDs glow dimly for a short while. This glow is below sub-moonlight level. I believe this is NOT afterglow from the phosphor. I believe this is due to a residual gate charge on the FET and bleed off time from the gate discharge resistor. For this very dim amount of light turns off after a short while; verses slowly fading out.

Of course. That was fixed almost a year ago, long before the KR4 existed.