Emisars d4v2 E21A, Greenthorn

Emisar D4V2 Ti Quad
Raised type

Warm white

E21A, Warm White 2700K- Modded to E21A 3000k from Clemence

10623 floody optic, pocket clip, 18350 tube
Note: I dropped this on the floor when it was disassembled and slightly bent the rim. It still functions fine. I can take pictures for potential buyers.

$95 Shipped CONUS

Emisar D4v2 sst20 3000k. Like new with 18350 tube, no clip or bezel


I’m also debating selling a sand e21a 3500k. I will sell it as a pair with either one of these.

GREEN THORN F95 D2 Hati clone. New. $79 shipped.

Paypal or Snail Mail

Like new.

Pm sent

I modded the CuTi d4v2 to 3000k because its supposed to be a lower DUV than 2700k. Its an improvement but I want to try tint mixing now. Perhaps I just don’t like them this yellow.

I dropped the head on the floor and slightly deformed the edge. The bezel still screws on fine. The aux wires are also a little long because I didn’t have a tool to cut and strip them inside the head. That said, if you want a custom flashlight, you can have it for less than it costs new.

PM sent