Emitter spacers?

Does anyone know where I can buy different size emitter spacers? The little plastic ring between the led and reflector. Thanks :slight_smile:

Most of the Chinese shops we buy torches from sell them. They usually call them isolators. Mountain Electrics in the US will more than likely have some as well.

Got it :slight_smile: Thank you MRsDNF :smiley:

Hey mate firstly you will want to work out what gaskets/spacers you need? Different emitters are different sizes so an XML2 is 5-5mm and a XPLHI is 3.5-3.5mm then a XHP70 will be even bigger. Also what height you want? A smaller height is needed for a XPLHI because it has no dome. Maybe take into consideration what size star you will be using it on. I bought some XPLHI gaskets that where to big for 16mm boards but you can always cut it to size.

Basically if you like me just throw all i wrote out the window and buy what ever and shave it down lol

Fasttech stock a few.

This one will fit a XML2

I buy lots of different sizes and still dont always have the correct ones. XML isolators can be used on XP sized leds by rotating the square 45 degrees from square if that makes sense. Theres pictures here somewhere.

Yea i also have heaps but some time if they are to big they just spin around the emitter and it makes tighten the bezel a pain. Especially if you shaved down the height.

I use a XML gasket on my S2+ i put in a NW XPG2 it looks stupid lol Still works. Just have to make sure the reflector is centered by tapping the light so she falls in the middle lol



That gap can park a boat in there lol

Sometimes it’s helpful to use a little superglue to fix the position of the centring gasket, like when it doesn’t fit snugly around the LED.

Convoy are still ramping up after the Chinese New Year, but here are links to the ones I have:

I presume they’ll become available again at some point.