End Of Top Gear UK

I am sad with the termination of the Top Gear series run by BBC. I think that BBC should reconsider their choice as I sure am gonna miss the 3 stooges :frowning:
I used to watch them every week in the morning of the weekends. Hammond and May, please petition for Clarkson to be back….

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that was decided a long time ago… and there is a new presenter with a new concept (even though that will suck, probably).

but I believe those links aren’t legal?

Clarkson physically assaulted a subordinate, that’s not acceptable. Witnesses said he was shouting at the poor man for 30 minutes or more, wearing at him, and saying he would not work again. They will be back on Amazon Prime as is well known.

Yea the trio makes a really good show with the contrast of personality. Like the US version, it’s so much as drama as the UK production. Not sure if the links are legal or nut but I will edit it out if it is :slight_smile: but for now let’s leave it as it is so those who hasn’t watched it can enjoy the show :wink:

Well I’m sure he was provoked by said subordinate. But his outburst is uncalled for though. Yes I know that he’s a very temperament person but he has never had such a huge outburst through out the show since the start so I believe it must have been something which really angered Clarkson…

As one of his co-hosts once said: Jeremy Clarkson is fat, and rather ugly, but certainly not an alcoholic. But the host of BBC’s top moneymaking program always balances on the edge of ironic and cynical, when the camera is on. Out of the spotlight he is another person, a demi-god who does as he pleases and who answers to nobody.
I won’t go into his extracurricular activities (it’s lonely at the top, nobody really loves you, and temptation lures).
When one of the producers (to us: someone used as an errandboy) brought hem the wrong (taste, temperature, time) meal, Clarkson got verbally very aggressieve, more aggressive by the minute, using racial slurs, and eventually hit the poor man. What could the BBC do but not refresh his contract? Even if this is shooting the goose with the golden eggs.

Yes, I will miss them (the missus won’t), but what to do. BTW, from what I have read, pre-natal termination of the successor program is the humane thing to do, when you hear about their problems. Apparently Chris Evans can’t talk-and-drive, a prerequisite when you are presenting a car program.

Clarkson et al were on location doing a shoot. They went off to the pub, had a few jars, and by the time they got back to the hotel - past 10pm I think - the hot dinner service had ended and they could only have a cold meal, sandwiches I assume. They were miles from anywhere so there were no alternative sources of a hot meal. They might even have arrived by helicopter, so destinations would have needed landing facilities. Clarkson was tired and hungry, and possibly a little tipsy, and let off steam at the poor producer responsible for booking the hotel.

Is that provocation?

The links are not legal, Top Gear is BBC copyright, and charged to non UK people.

I was devastated when I first heard about this because I’ve loved Top Gear for years. But honestly I’m really excited about the move to Amazon. They’ll have so much more control over the show than the BBC ever gave them. Plus their budget is supposedly much larger, too. So now I’m excited. This could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to the Top Gear crew, and their fans.

Although i have no ineterest in cars whatsoever i tried to watch the show to see what the fuss was about, it has great comedic value but the rampant bigotry and racism are a off putting, quite surprising to see such crass on the public tv of a developed nation

Can you give examples of the bigotry and racism?

I used to be a big fan of the show and eagerly awaited every episode. I’ve seen every episode, even the null early stuff when it really was a car show. However, the last two or three seasons I watched it out of habit alone. Clarkson stopped being funny and just got on my nerves.

A google search for top gear racism will give you a number of list of incidents such as this one :


Then you lack a sense of humour and an understanding of what they were doing. I work with a Mexican and she understood that they were playing with stereotypes. All of the characteristics they mentioned for several nations were no more than the sterotypes. Open a newspaper, even a quality one, and see a cartoon with some foreigners, and those are the characteristics you will see. A Mexican will wear a poncho and a big hat, and will be sitting on the ground, leaning against a wall, and probably asleep. Only an idiot or someone with little nuance thinks that is a literal depiction of a Mexican, it is a simple stereotype, Germans get to the beach first, Italians like to run away, French like to collaborate with Germans, the English all wear bowler hats and use phrases like “I say old chap”, English food is horrible, British policemen are wonderful and so on. Clarkson is very careful not to insult groups who are genuinely persecuted such as gay people, black people, and so on.

The whole point of the show was that they are not politically correct and exaggerate stereotypes; they typically don’t pick on a specific race or country for long but move on to another joke pretty soon.

However, I don’t believe that everyone in the global audience understood this kind of humor. UK being a very diverse nation had specific foreign diplomatic staff reaching out to BBC and even the British government to discuss the way the Topgear format was aired.

On top of this, the show was very public and “in your face” in a way that there were scandals around JC, the show, his personal life and so many different issues. If you look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Clarkson#Controversy you can see only a fraction of aspects. Going through google news alerts and the British yellow press you will find so many scenarios how JC (and others) came across in a negative way that you have to assume the physical assault was the last event that summarized a general pattern.

Sadly, the car reviews were excellent and let’s hope that Amazon will make a fresh start.

You make numerous accusations without giving any evidence. I can think of many reasons why he was neither racist nor homophobic. The one criticism I will make is that a lot of guests were ex-public school boys, but that is more a reflection on the lack of social mobility and inequalities in modern British society.

Provide evidence that he is a thug, a bully and racist since you have made accusations. It is easy to be a big man online, with the protection of anonymity, and make unpleasant accusations against someone. It sounds a bit lke bullying does it not?

I know of one disgraceful incident where he did indeed bully someone, something he regretted and which as far as I know was a one off. As for being a womaniser as you put it, his private life is none of your business, nor mine. (Note that he was married to the same woman for a long time.) Why have so many Top Gear staff followed him? Why have so many left the ginger chap’s Top Gear?

Regarding the ‘brains’ behind Top Gear, nonsense. Clarkson wrote the scripts despite it receiving an award for best unscripted programme! Doubtless Wilman was important. As are May and Hammond.

Makes perfect sense to me.

Jeremy Clarkson is super witty and able to toss out tons of funny barbs at all kinds of things. Very entertaining. For the most part, he teeters on a delicate line… then in bold defiance steps over into the danger zone. It’s almost like a volatile relationship, where things can be going great and then suddenly one person feels compelled to antagonize and start a fight… because life is too boring without a little conflict now and then.

It’s amazing how money can allow people like this to flourish. Had he not had such rein, he might have been able to contain himself. But the appeasement was too great, and allowed Jeremy’s head to swell… achieving epic proportions. It was only a matter of time before he toppled over.

Frankly, the show has explored pretty much all there is to explore… and is now getting so outlandish as to make people wince at the waste of resources and highlighting of conspicuous consumption. We need to shift society from glamorizing such ways of life and get back to the business of sensibility… because we’re so off the mark right now. It’s far worse than most people tend to notice.

You say it is all about money, but look a little more deeply. Top Gear was a big money spinner because it sold very well overseas. It was the biggest selling UK TV programme, earning huge amounts from overseas sales, over and above David Attenborough. Would that be the case if it was a hot bed of racism and bigotry?

Or could it be that Clarkson can be a very funny man? We all like a laff, it defuses tension.

As an example, they had an episode which ostensibly was anti cyclists. A colleague who was a cyclist said he laughed his head off, as did I, it was hilarious. And the basic message was to cycle safely. That message was put across with humour.

The Africa episode was amazing. How many travel shows actually go among the locals, drive along local roads, sleep rough? TG did, and the scenery was fantastic. I learnt more about Africa than from arty farty take themselves seriously travel shows where the people stay in ‘Western’ hotels, or live on pseudo local huts staffed by obedient ‘servents’.

I do agree when you say he treads a delicate line. In my view he went over the line with the “I see a slope on that bridge” remark. I did not know slope meant Asian, and I assume no ill was meant, but it was ill judged in my view. Then again, we live in a strange world where people compete to be politically correct, but ignore real issues.

Look the important question is:

Who is the STIG!


Jeremy Clarkson: TV obsessed with hiring ‘black Muslim lesbians’


Jeremy Clarkson is blasted for ‘homophobic’ tweet


Don't worry, Top Gear will still be made and is due on TV in May, with a new presenting team, how good they will be is debatablue as the new main presenter gets car sick when driven around a track and can't talk and drive at the same time .

At least Clarkson, Hammond and May will have their own new version of Top Gear on Amazon Prime in the UK Autumn.