【END】**%off for HS41: The Most Powerful Sofirn Headlamp Ever!

Hi BLFers,

The HS41 headlamp is finally released on Amazon.us. We have **%off discount for it now.

The present price:
The deal price:
Link: Amazon.com

If you need code for this powerful headlamp, please leave a comment below or DM me. Thank you.

HS41 features:
max 4000 high lumen output
one 21700 5000mAh battery,
four sst20 leds,
strong magnetic tail cap,
Type C charging port

What kind of regulation does it have? (Buck/Boost/Linear/Direct Drive)

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Looks impressive!
I think it’s even brighter than a headlight with a single XHP70.3 HI emitter would be.
I’m not interested in the HS41 (don’t give me a code), but I do admire this headlight as a lumen junkie. :+1:

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Code please

Code please.

Hi Bary code please

is there a code in Lazada phils

25%off code for HS41 headlamp: 9BVW-KXALZS-LKGNAA
Any questions, please let me know.

Code for HS41 headlamp: 9BGZ-3D7CS4-E4PRAE
Any other questions, please let me know.

We only have Amazon us code, do you still need one? If you’re, here it is: 9BPJ-W24VP5-ZGREAK


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Buck driver! Good Job Sofirn! I just placed an order because of the buck driver.

Didn’t work. Someone else must have used it. You can DM me a code instead please

Gotcha, please check out your messager to receive it.

Is it buck + FET?

Unfortunate that it has no Anduril UI.

It looks like the one you’re selling on Amazon is the 6500k version. Any chance you can make the 5000k version an option on Amazon? I’d prefer to get it there rather than from Aliexpress.


Hi there. I need to upgrade my older headlamp, so can I have a code please? Thanks!

I’m sorry that we currently don’t have plan to sell the 5000k on Amazon.

Yes, it’s FET buck circuit.

Yeah, please check your message to receive the code, hope you’ll enjoy it.

Buck for charging circuit and FET for illumination? I see no output stabilization in this review

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