ENDED: 1000 post GAW+SALE


1. Cube in cube in cube in cube in cube - shipped

2. Game cubes - shipped

3. Heatsink - shipped


1xP60 triple liner+GITD o-ring - $1

3xS2+ triple spacer - $3/pc
1x reserved by k-wong shipped
1x reserved by dekozn shipped
1x reserved by djozz shipped

5xX6 spacer - $5/pc
1x reserved by k-wong shipped
1x reserved by djozz shipped
2x reserved by vwpieces shipped

7xU11 quad kits - $7/pc
1x reserved by LightRider - waiting reply
10xS2+ triple pill - $10/pc
?x reserved by RobertB - waiting reply
1x reserved by TWN - shipped
2x reserved by vwpieces - shipped

Congratulations on your 1000 posts. NOT in.
Both GAW and sale items are way beyond my capabilities.

Well done on 1000 posts :+1:

Congrats on your post count and thanks for supplying great hardware to BLF.
Count me in!

ps: I am probably too new to know the shipping costs, how much is shipping to either US or EU?
any P60 pills on sale?

Count me in please!

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Congratulations on 1000 posts!
And thanks for all your effort Kiriba!
Still very happy with my s2+ triple 219c with your copper spacer in it !

I’d love to win that beautiful cube in cube !

Congrats on the 1000 posts!

I’m definitely in, those cubes look amazing :+1:

Congrats Kiriba, been very happy with your service and product

Interested in an Eagle Eye X6 triple spacer (including Cute-3 and mcpcb if you have it), s2+ spacer, 4 x XHP50 J2 45G, 1 x XHP70 N2 45G.


I’m in thanks for the giveaway.

I am in !!!

Thanks Matt

Nice cubes! Congrats on 1000 posts.

Kind regards

I would like to be in for the GAW. I also would like to know how that P60 Triple Liner is used. I have some P60 drop-ins and I never thought about making them into triples. What does it entail?

Grats on 1000 posts!

Count me in for the GAW.

I’m in.

Same here. I just want to congratulate you, and thanks a lot for your input here! :partying_face:

1000! that’s huge!

Please enter me into the GAW. Thank you!

I would have jumped on the S2+ triple copper pill, if I didn’t already have one on the way from you. :money_mouth_face: :smiley: :sunglasses:

I’m in. I particularly love those dice. Very nicely done. You are very talented.


That cube definitely makes me want to be in. :smiley:


Count me in!

Thanks for the giveaway, kiriba-ru!

I'm in.