(ENDED) 2x LD-3 driver giveaway

Thread: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/42419

Rules: Any member who signed up On or Before 1-11-2016 can enter;must have more than 10 posts.

Giveaway ends on 04-11-2016.

2 winners (each will get 1 driver) will be picked via random.org or similar. Good luck!

me me me :smiley:

i am in!

...but according to the end date above i am late? ;)

back to the future Giveaway ends on 04-01-2014.

I’m in :slight_smile:

I am in thanks!

I definitely need one! :smiley:

I’m also in! Thanks for the giveaway, looking forward to see what this driver can do!

Hm, hope I’m not too early :sunglasses:
It ends on january 4th 2017?

Count me in.

Oh yeah ! Me likey GAW !

I am in.


I was in / I am in.

Wow looks like a very nice driver.
Yeah I can think of a light to put it in!

i can see myself using this driver :wink:
count me in!

I am in.

Date corrected :person_facepalming:

I’m in, thanks.

I am in, thank you

Giveaway with such a date would have been more interesting. Just imagine receiving a gist from the future! :smiley:

First , thanks for this opportunity. I’m in :wink:
Second , thanks for your nice work!