ENDED: BLF A6 5A (4000K) + 30Q battery for $13.96

There is coupon now for $13.96 for 5A (4000K) version
How to do it:

  1. click picture in this post, it’s a link to flashlight
  2. select CN warehouse if not automatically selected
  3. select 5A option if not selected
  4. add to cart
  5. open cart
  6. at the bottom of the cart is a place to put coupon, copy it there and click Apply
  7. order


I think it’s a good price.

:+1: ordered

good price but i have couple of them already.

I will resist the temptation :partying_face:

Payment Successful!

Thank you for shopping with us. An order confirmation has been sent to: Boaz

Amount Paid: US$13.96 Payment Method: PayPal
Nice light at a great price

All gone. How many were available? Two?

Make it say china not usa warehouse .. go look at it again .

the link defaults to USA

I made the same mistake

Aha, thanks! :person_facepalming: :+1: :beer:

It’s still available for me.

When I click link it defaults to CN warehouse to me, I don’t even have USA as option.
It must be using cookies in some way.

Ordered through CDN warehouse.

Don’t own an A6 and want to try out the 5a LED. Great price to try both out AND a battery

Question though — will the battery be a legit 30q? Never bought a battery except from trusted sources like ILLUMN.

All 30Q’s I received from banggood were legit.

I don’t remember anyone complaining about fakes from them, but do your research.

:person_facepalming: Ordered (now).

:+1: :+1:

Ordered to use as a gift. I noticed the price and code on Fin’s deal page the other day but couldn’t get it to come up right as I didn’t realize it was the 5A version only.
Thanks for pointing it out again.

Wow, nice. I’m almost tempted to get another one of those lights. The 5A is a nice tint for it, if you like warmish colours.

I caved :person_facepalming:

I added it to my cart, checked out, then halted on payment. Do I really need another of these lights, that will likely just sit in a box and never get used? I could give it as a gift, but I’m hesitant to do that with lithium-ion lights. Not only for the safety issues, but everyone I know will never bother charging a battery; they’ll need a USB port at least.

This is a great deal for a flashaholic that doesn’t already have 1 or 2 of these lights. Not sure if it’s useful, otherwise.

Oh well, I may still buy it before the end of the day. If you subtract $5 for the battery, it’s only $9 for the light!

Just ordered 3! Thank you (I think). The batteries and LEDs are worth around £24 on their own!

It shows $19.95 for me, which is okay, since I don’t really need one. $13.96 would have been a great price though.

Did you select CN warehouse and enter the coupon at checkout?

Real 30Q, or a DumpsterFíre crapcell?

Anyone who gets one, let us know…

Select CN warehouse and enter coupon AC18 as stated in first post.