ENDED! Giveaway for Olight S2 Baton - 950 lumens by Olight Direct

There are prizes for Olight Direct again. Welcome to take a look at Olight Direct in US and Olight Direct in France

Another new arrival: S2 Baton.

Olight S2 Baton

Olight S2 Baton Cree XM-L2 LED 950 Lumens

Key features:
Cree XM-L2/U3 LED • Maximum output up to 950 lumens
4 Standard Modes: 950 Lumens, 400 Lumens, 80 Lumens, 10 Lumens
2 Special Modes: 0.5 Lumens Moonlight Mode and 10Hz Strobe Mode
Built-in Timer: 3 Minutes (Short Timer) or 9 Minutes (Long Timer)

To Enter:
Show a picture of your flashlight(s), and say something about it(them).

1 winner will be chosen by random.org - based on the sequence of entry.
Limited to one entry per account.
Closing: 23:59pm. Dec 17, 2015. PST GMT (-8)

List of Participants:

  1. unknown00101
  2. eebowler
  3. saypat
  4. raccoon city
  5. DBSAR
  6. tech
  7. Patrickbateman
  8. M4D M4X
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Winner announced:

Here's a sample of various finishes/Ano/Materials/Colors. I think the blues are my favorite.

Hi. This is a tail light I made because the expensive cat eye I bought disappeared and I refused to spend the $$ for another. The body is that of a convoy S2, with a 2X 7135, nanjg driver powering two, red, XP-E LEDs in parallel. I cut off 1/2 of the head and sanded the remainder of the head flat to match the level of the pill, which was also sanded flat. The driver is an old school, 20 mode version bought from dx a few years ago. It gives me what I think is a perfect 2 Hz mode for cycling and attaches to my backpack or jersey pocket with a small caribiner. The cone is stuck on with clear shoo goo :slight_smile:

Is this US, Canada and France only like the last one?

Convoy S2+ shrunken down to an 18350 size.

Convoy S3.

Not as good as Convoy S2 or BLF Special Edition Manker A6, but better looking. :)

Where are you located by the way?

Brace yourself… here is a photo of my “flashlights” There are a few Olights here, but not an S2 yet. would be cool to review and add a new S2 :slight_smile:

not a fancy picture but my favorite light currently. It does everything I need! added a 380mA amc chip and pulls about 3.1A

The great Convoy S3 i use on the construction sites i visit daily. ( 3 modes, simple, easy)

Here pictured with a sheperd and the very famous christmas manatee.

i am sure the S2 fits perfectly into my EDCs

This is my favorite flashlight, BLF X6 SE. I changed the led to a dedomed xp-g2 s2 1d and driver to FET + 7135 and now it is a pocket thrower. :bigsmile:

The skin color is not important, these are my two favorite girls… :8)

Nitecore EC11 with extension tube:

My small flashlight collection :slight_smile:
My favorite is the brass one, nearly as compact as the TG06 but with 18650 inside !
A S2 baton would be a beautiful piece in this growing family !

Family photo time guys! :smiley:

A family photo of my most loved and used lights, with special mentions to my favourites
:arrow: The Mountain Electronics Supfire M6 Mod 2, BLF A6 Triple XPL shorty & the Eagle Eye X6 XPL HI 500m pocket thrower.

A Great bunch of flashlights to see in here already, Amazing stuff everyone thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the giveaway, and a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all :santa:



An older myth that made a piece of flashlight history, of which I had the luck to test and review a prototype of.

Eagletac T200C2, the one I use and beat up without worrying about it.

Thanks for including other locations this time.
I am near Melbourne in Australia.

My current EDC light, 3x7135s with a 1A emitter.

Great giveaway! Here’s my current EDC - a little knife and an oLight i3s. I’m ready to step up to a bit more lumens!