ENDED - Nichia 219C - BLF Special Deal - MTN Electronics

Nichia 219C - BLF Special Deal - MTN Electronics

We have purchased a large quantity of Nichia NVSW219CT LEDs. We are going to be offering a BLF special deal on them on a limited-time and limited-quantity basis. See below for LED and deal details.

SALE ENDED. Thanks! Look for the LEDs on the website.

LED Specifications:

  • Nichia NVSW219CT "219C" LEDs
  • D280 Flux Bin
  • R8000 CRI Rank (~80 CRI)
  • 5000K 7-step MacAdam centered ellipse temperature
  • Low vF allows for tons of output and easy regulation, even at high amps
  • Similar output to an high-bin cool-white XP-G2, but with much better CRI and tint; also easier to hit 5A+ due to the extremely low vF requirement

Here's the Deal:

From 9-29-15 until 10-5-15 or until the promotion deal is sold out the pricing will be as follows:

  • Bare LEDs: $2 Each
    • 400 Available Quantity
  • 10mm Sinkpad Mounted LEDs: $4.50 each
    • 50 Available Quantity
  • 16mm & 20mm Noctigon Mounted LEDs: $4 Each
    • 16mm: 35 Available Quantity
    • 20mm: 35 Available Quantity
  • 20mm Noctigon Mounted Triple MCPCB: $10 Each
    • 35 Available Quantity

Once either the promotion quantity is depleted or the promotion period ends the regular listings at regular prices will become available. Promotion is for a limited time and for the specified limited quantities. No rainchecks or backorders. Price does not include shipping.

You’re killing us (with the limited qty part) :)!!


I just don't have enough MCPCBs right now. If I can scrounge up a few more I will increase the 16mm/20mm/Triple available quantities, but no promises.

Does this mean that they will become available at midnight (mountain time zone)?

Could you limit the quantity that can be purchased per person? I can see 35 going in an instant otherwise.

Awesome…can’t wait!

Im in !

Just wonder if I’ll make a purchase in time——————————

Why you gotta be like that, I have enough lights, I can’t build anymore!

So there will be more at regular prices once the introductory discount is over/sold, if I read this right?
Good enough for me, I’ll kick back and wait.

I just bought (9) 219C’s from Henry but now I need MCPCBs, please work on restocking the the nice copper ones we all like:)

That is correct. There will be lots more and the prices will still be great, just not quite this great.

Thanks Richard!

I would love one of the triples… I will be on this as soon as it is up… Thanks Richard!

My order is in. Can’t wait to try these out. Thanks RMM !

Snagged a few - I have a nice blue S2+ host waiting for something nice :)

This is a crazy good offer.

I've put this same emitter is several single-emitter lights (including a TN31 just for fun) and I have to say that it is by far my favorite emitter. They take single cell lights to a new level. I'm so stoked to put some in a few of my multi-emitter lights because the smaller die will boost their throw. Plus, they will now have great tint and CRI to boot.

Thanks RMM!

So I think to myself, “Hey, I’ll get a couple triples, always wanted a triple. That’s only $20!”

…$70 later, I’ve checked out.
Darn you and your wonderful stuff for sale! But now I’ve got everything to build a 18350 triple, with parts to convert a S2+ to a triple as well. :smiley:

Picked up a couple…thank you Richard! I can’t wait to try these out.