Ended - O-L's 2000 Post Giveaway - Ended, Congratulations to the Winners

11-11-12 9:20PM CST - Since the last post here was Friday, I figured I mught as well end it and get the Random Winners.

Winner of the Maglite is Post #15 mizjif

Winner of the Ultrafire Light is Post#106 Pavithra_uk

Congratulations to the Winners! PM me with your full name/address details, so I can send out the lights.

Now I can go to bed early, LOL.

Figured I needed to do a giveaway, since y'all let me run my mouth so derned much 'round here.


Here's the photos of the modified light




This AA Maglite will end up having a TIR optic, with a Nichia 219 led. Running direct drive off the batteries of your choice. 2xAA Alkaline, 2xNiZn, 2x 1.5v Primary Lithium or a single 14500 Li-ion. (batteries not included).

The winner will need to tell me if you are to use a Li-ion. (PM me if you win). I need to know protected or non-protected, as it changes the length of the dummy battery that I will need to make.

Anyone joining on or before 11-6-12 can enter. Please post in this thread, "I want in" or something like that.

The giveaway ends on 11-12-12 at zero hundred hours, or thereabouts. (In other words, Sunday night after Midnight). I will use Random.org to pick the winner.

I hope I get the light finished before the giveaway ends. I've got too many irons in the fire again...Embarassed

EDIT: 11-08-2012

I am adding a light to the giveaway. Remember this light?


I got to test it today, with a Primary Li battery, courtesy of scaru. It works fine, but not as bright as it would be on 3 NiMH batteries. I don't feel like messing with selling it, so it goes in the giveaway. Now there will be two winners. The first winner will get the Maglite and the second winner will get the Ultrafire 1x14500 light. Both winners will still be chosen on the date and time listed above.


I’m in! Lucky Number 1. Glad I read your whole post because I didn’t realize it would be modified. Thanks for the contest.

Congratulations on 2000! You did it faster than me.

I Want In. :bigsmile:


I want in .

Thanks for the giveaway , Justin .

Of course I want in. Thanks, O-L! Congrats on 2000 and I look forward to 2000 more.

I want in

Congratulations for the 2000 post, mate! I want to achieve 2000 post before the end of this year!

I def want in on this.
To own a custom piece would be awesome!
Thanks for the giveaway

i want it.
thanks for the giveaway.

I want in thanks

I want in! Thanks O-L! Keep up the good work!


I want in for sure. Would be nice to have one of your lights. Any polishing or bling to be added to it?

I want it

I would like to be in
and sure want to win,
it seems to be the right,
for my first nichia-light!

Need a Nichia!!!

i want in :slight_smile:
keep up the good work

Ohh! I am in! My first 219 plus first o-l light? Sounds like a good time to win :slight_smile:

Great rhyme !

I’m in !

Oh, I want in! I had a real hard time letting go of the flag light.

i want in,


I want in,my first Nichia.

Congrats and thanks for doing this Justin.