~~ENDED~~ [US Only] Free Thrunite Ti3 v2 on Thrunite.com (with $5.95 shipping fee)

Thrunite is giving away Ti3s like Olight did with their i3e eos promotion: THRUNITE FLASH SALE - Check latest promotion and save money now!

Looks like a good deal if you like twisties!

Noice! Just grabbed one…

And yeh, for keychain lights, twisties are best.

They recently released the ThruNite T2. Does anyone know what “customized 21700 battery” means?

Thank you. Snagged a NW. I just the other day almost ordered one from Amazon. Guess I can take it out of my cart now. :slight_smile:

Not sure but that T2 is looking like it might be a great light.

Still working, just grabbed a second as a gifter.

Thanks! Ordered one as a gift

I just ordered one too. I’m a sucker for AAA lights with a firefly mode. That green Catapult is trying to make me spend more money…

After being disappointed with the output of the Astrolux A01 (twice), I went for the neutral white.

I just got a neutral white, pretty nice especially for the cost of shipping. The tint is a little greenish, nice low/firefly mode. The driver always starts in low which is the best part for me

Ordered a NW.

Ordered one as a gift, thanks for sharing this deal.

Thanks for posting this, blind-eye! I ordered a NW one. Will see how I get along with NMM. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing! I always seem to be losing my AAA lights!

Just got mine today, looks nice! Yeah, it’s a bit Evil Green, wondering if I should grab a CW one later. Would be the same dealy like the old Zanflare F1s. The NW one was Evil Green, but the CW one was actually quite decent.

these have NMM? :confounded:

Nooooo. Seems to always revert to firefly after a short while. At least in my 90sec experience with it so far.

thanks for the first hand report…

glad this batch has No NMM
and is just normal LMH

I know the last batch of Titanium Ti3 had NMM… they are sold out now
but prior versions were normal LMH

Just doublechecked to make sure I wasn’t talking out my ass…

Yeh, reverts to firefly after 5-6sec. Not sure if “on-time” or “off-time” or whatever. Just wait a bit and it reverts to firefly.

I’m liking this little bugger. :smiley: