(Ended) winner(s) not quite announced A Hershey (or Dairy Milk) giveaway!

Up for grabs is a Dairy Milk (or Hershey if I can find one) bar and a couple of XPL-high intensity leds.

The giveaway will end when I get confrimation from Cutter that the order has shipped. So far I have been waiting an age for this confirmation :frowning:

Its my giveaway so….

The user who posts the most in this thread, gets the leds (and the choccy bar)

I’m in!


Thanks for the giveaway.

You know I want to win :bigsmile: Dairy Milk :heart_eyes: Hershey :Sp

Hey, my turn……

Im in!


What tint are the XP-Ls?

Try contacting Steve(MRsDNF) or one of the other Aussies local to cutter’s. I had a similar problem with lost or undelivered emails and they finally established a presence here to facilitate contact. Matt posted his email address for us Here

Me too please :slight_smile:

I don’t care about the led,all i want is just the chocolate :stuck_out_tongue:

the most in this thread

Had an email from Rosie to say that they hoped to get the Leds within two weeks and start shipping soon after. That was 19 days ago, so hopefully it wont be long to wait……

Posts the most, this thread will be spammed to hell

American chocolate sucks. I Brit ex pat gave me a Galaxy bar once. It was heaven. Dairy Milk has to be good too.

Only 2 post per minute or you get put in the back of the bus.

I prefer Corned beef over Spam :wink:

Thanks for the prizes.

Not sure I’ve ever tried Hersey’s. I’ve seen them sold at a few places here in Oz but not yet tried it. The LEDs are the real prize though, can never have enough LEDs to play with :slight_smile:

I guess we have reached the dark ages of giveaways. Even

the op is joining in his own giveaway :-?