I’m Interested in the Utorch SP36.

I foresee a lower price deal around the corner. If you are not in hurry in getting it, it is probably a good idea to wait for a little longer.

Hopefully that deal around the corner will include an option for neutral or warm emitters. That’s what’s stopping me from buying.

code CMB3 doesn’t work for XTAR VC4 LCD Screen USB Battery Charger…. :frowning:

Ordered Skillhunt H03
Thanks freeme!


VC4 has been scheduled to go on sale for $15.69 this week.

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Ready for preorder. PM for deal info.

UMS4 and UMS2 deal shared.

I’d like to order a 2nd piece. Can we get a different code?

Convoy C8+ coming up $18+ instead of $13.99 :frowning:

Interested in SP36


The Skilhunt H03 has been out of stock for quite a long time now. :frowning:

Any idea when the H03 will be back in stock?

Any code for the 18650 Extension Tube Colored ( for Astrolux S41S Colored) ?


Sofirn SP36 BLF 4x Samsung LH531D 5650LM Andúril 18650 Flashlight - $46.99 ($69.99) / Coupon: FYXEB / Proceed to Store

(exclusive deal for 1theDeals.com)

NITECORE TUP $38.05!!! Less than 35min left

plus shipping

Thanks freeme. Ordered 1 TUP