Event has ended.

I still cant decide which jetbeam/nite eye I want LOL… I may just have to buy 3 or more of them

I’m kinda in the same boat. I’m hoping the deal lasts long enough for someone to get theirs and do a teardown

The EC-R16 looks like a cool little light but I saw a post about it and kind of lost the lust I had for it. Here’s the review.

Well, except for the IPX-6, it looks fine to me as long as it can deal with some rain.

Thank you for the link. Smile

I loveMT10C

Pm for IMALENT DDT40 (2016) . thank you.

NITEYE EC - A12 2xAA discount is available.

Thanks for the HA20 code; it’s been ordered.

Thanks for your support.

P25C ordered.

Many thanks.

Liitokala Lii - 500 discount available. Look out for other deals in OP.

PRO Review.

Could you send me the price for the ec4sw? Thanks!


Please PM me on Lii-500 coupon code. Thanks in advance…

HC30 ordered, many thanks !

Could you send me the price for the ec4sw? Thanks!

You got PM.

LUMINTOP Tool Ti launch newsletter offer - 20%OFF | Coupon: LMTGWYHQ


Hi, interested.