Thanks for the breakdown shots and info.

The direction of your mod is looking pretty cool.

i guess the stock driver has to be cycled through all modes to turn it off?

Thanks ImA4Wheelr . It's going to be a fun mini project for the weekend.


Nice breakdown!

I got one of these on order, along with the XC which is a Warsun X60 look-alike, hoping it's a re-brand. It's getting worse to get these vendors to correct their specs - they totally ignore every comment I've left on errors: GearBest, BangGood, DX, FastTech, etc... I've been polite too, even in tickets postings with their responses - comments are ignored 100% of the time with all of them. I can only assume it's done intentionally to sell, and there's no reason to stop doing it.

Real shame with the plastic reflector, alum bezel, lens, etc. Apparently they feel everything now can be "improved" in the specs, as long as it's not obvious in the pics. Reality is it's a true under $5 light.

I'm hoping I can fit in a 12 or 15mm DD driver by removing the charging port. Did similar mods already on a SolarStorm SC01 for example, and small 16340 twisty lights. The plastic reflector is a potential problem, but I can do over 900 lumens in a smaller twisty 16340 light w/plastic, as long as there is a turbo timeout programmed (or manually limited runs on hi). Actually this is nice to run at hi amps because the lack of a tailcap assembly or spring - direct connect to the tail body is interesting.

Finally, my build has completed

I used back the old driver for the time being because I am not sure if I want to overspend on this cheap host.

This is just a proof of concept. I really like its compact size, simplicity of design and ease for mod. However, I will definitely not be use it as a day-to-day light. Protruding button could trigger during carrying process and there is no lockout option for it.


How does the driver come out? Does it come out from the front of the head?

I can remove the bezel ring, but haven’t tried to disassemble the head beyond that yet.

I like the light so far, but am thinking that because it’s a side-switch, and I don’t want to mess with that, that the easiest thing may be to just swap the emitter for something else as the one that it came with is very bluish…


Just loosen the retaining ring and pull the driver out?

Looking at the head from the battery side, I can see the driver. Are you saying that silver-colored shelf is the retaining ring? There aren’t any holes or anything in that to turn using tweezers?


I could not remember if the holes were present when it arrived. Perhaps you should try to make them yourself?

[quote=ohaya] ...Are you saying that silver-colored shelf is the retaining ring? There aren't any holes or anything in that to turn using tweezers? Jim [/quote]

BTW its on sale at http://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_194280.html for $3.67
lowest i found without games