+1, a new emitter it will be, one way or another, will post pitfalls or tricks that may arise.

I got some XM-L2 U2 3D's on the way from Cutter - might be a good choice, or the 219C - the mounting might be tricky though if the TIR is made for a XM size.

Ordered both

Thank you, freeme

sent pm earlier today.. can you please reply!


Thanks for the pm. I will be ordering as soon as the wife is out of the room and I can get my Visa card out without her noticing.

Purchased my Group A light. How could I not at that price? Many thanks.

Ordered 3 model A’s and 1 model B.
Thanks GB for a great deal.

I’m curious why freeme would not let me in on this GB.

As quantity of the tickets are limited, I was unable to reply to all incoming messages previously. You don't have to be disappointed as Second wave will start in a day time!

You did respond to me, twice, you just wouldn’t tell me anything, or give me the prices.

I sent pm 2 days ago and got nothing so… think this should be considered as a spam thread.

PMed .

Me too :)

PM for more info sent earlier this evening.

+1, but no answer

I do not have nothing to offer right now. I will reply to all when I received more updates from their office on Monday.
@ChibiM @
JohnnyMac @keengeorge @bugsy36

You are smart. I am sure you will know where to get the info ;)

And me. Strange GB. Surpluses or emptiness.

Status update.

I ordered both lights yesterday. Both have shipped now, hurray :slight_smile:

And now we know its BG…