One each m6. Thanks!

One last shot before I go offline.

GB14, 5C just ordered, thanx for the gb initiative :slight_smile:

GB14 - One 5C ordered.


cant wait for it to go live!


Didn’t seem to be much interest. Wonder how much different the unbranded version is?

BG has a sample for variant called Uking, which is the cheapest price among all. Unfortunately, Uking's quality is unsatisfactory ... cheap feel.

Courui D01 has been well-received in the past. Really hope that they are able to deliver a better version with their flashlight making knowledge and stricter QC. BG said they will order a Courui sample for comparison soon.

Ordered Skilhunt H03 Neutral White, thank you for the PM freeme!

GB17 mini GB II-Pro-Titanium (only) - min.15 pax to initiate / price is available.

Nice :slight_smile: Do you mind PMing me the price? Thanks!

GB14 5C ordered. Thanks!

Ty for the Imalent DN codes. Ordered one of each.

Ordered a Crelant V4A NW today.
Thanks freeme!

Ordered a Crelant V4A NW today…Thanks freeme!

Ordered a Crelant V4A (NW) today, thank you freeme! :+1:

GB16 One NW Ordered.


Ordered as well, it was sitting in my cart for quite some time :smiley:

GB16 NW ordered. Thanks

GB16 cw ordered.

Purchase Crelant V4A