Man my chinese is a little rusty, what does the fine print say?

Those last 3 look very cool to me!

That font is wonky. I’m interested in the 3rd one, but what is the model number?

PM me price when you have it

That last one looks real nice!

The last one loks nice. Is that witn USB rechargeable port?

the small 18650 model looks interesting

more info (when available) please :slight_smile:

I’m interested in all of them!

DO NOT LIST OUT their full model name yet. Do not wish to be busted before it is even started.

OP dated.


It is already listed in illumn

I’m interested in the last one if it’s below $30, but that’s doubtful. The XP-L HI is pretty nice.

im interested in all of them….just as long as it does not require to hold switch to turn on.

Are you getting one/all for review?

Interested in all of them!

… all of them. But if I had to choose I would take the first, small one, and the last one.

The last one is a beauty. If the price is right, I’m interested.

Those niteye lights are very nice looking. Especially the small one. It’s shorter than an Eagletac D25C but the head is bigger by 6mm.

Interested in ALL premium/high quality lights which are USB rechargeable


Is possible to get the 2xAA version?? (also usb rechargeable)

Model is EC-A12


Reference: taobao | 淘寶

EDIT: Corrected reference picture from R25 model to the R26.