Supfire M6, mentioned in #2:


If I was in the US, I’d get one of those. With Mod 2 it does become a lot more expensive, but also a lot better, with a choice of tint.

It looks like pretty good bang for the buck…

Maybe it will go bang though?

I already have a Nitecore D4 charger and I already have Nitecore and Panasonic and Samsung batteries.
I looked at the batteries and charger with this as a bonus only - I probably would sell the charger, and maybe the batteries if they are really that crap?

Having thought more about it, I don’t actually need a soda can.

I have a Nitecore TM16GT that I love - but I want something that throws a wider beam over a shorter distance - but in a form factor not unlike the TM16GT.

I’d like something IP67 or IPX7 rated (or better) if possible but don’t want to spend as much as I did on the TM16GT (which Mad Max did get me a great discount on).

I trust Nitecore and I also trust Ultrafire torches - I’ve got several smaller Ultrafires and they work well at a budget price.

other options that are more expensive include:





Any of the above lights at a decent discount would do just as well and might be of better quality?

I guess the basic requirements are:

- Under 60 USD

- 4x or 6x or 8x 18650 battery powered

- Bright >3000 lumens.

- Form factor not unlike a TM16GT (big head, solid handle)

- IPX7 or better

  • Throws a wider beam than the TM16GT at the expense of distance

The above mentioned supfire is a flooder. It is in budget stock.
Heck I like the LatticeBright unmodded SRKs for their flood and use 1 often. So with good LEDs and cooling like the supfire that surely is a winner.
I have received the Uniquefire 1401, the cooling looks excellent with ledstars mounted on an 1cm integral part of the heavy housing, 4 nice cree LEDs but mine does not work yet, working on it with Gearbest now. Also a flooder also just within budget.
Feels really nice. With screen letting you know how much juice the 1,2,3 or 4 cells have left.

I would go with Trustfire J18 in this price range :smiley:


With BLF code you will get the price around 40$, and for additional 15-20 $ you can upgrade the driver from Kaidomain, and get a real flooooder with true 6K lumens

If you end up getting a flashlight combo pack with Ultrafire cells and a generic charger please don’t resell the cells or charger. They are dangerous and practically worthless.

Instead have some fun:

1) Run an extension cord outside and charge those pieces of junk with as much juice as they’ll take.

2) Place charged junk at a safe location and distance (30+ yards)

3) Lay waste to the garbage with a gun (.223 works wonders) or BB gun/Pellet rifle.

Much more fun than the maybe $8 you could trick someone into paying for them.

If you happen to have an analyzing charger check their capacity first to get a good laugh (I haven’t come across any Ultrafire 18650 with more than 700mAh).


Have you checked out the Thorfire S70? It meets all of your specifications, except for 18650’s. It runs on 2x26650, which IMHO is a superior form factor to the “soda can” type of flashlights.

PilotDog Review: PD68 Review: Thorfire S70 - XHP70 Monster

Group Buy: ENEDED

(The Basen 26650 cells are also on sale as a group buy.)

I own a Supfire M6 and from personal experience its awsome even though it is only the stock one. I cant speak for the other SRK lights but the M6 has really good mass to keep it cool. would love some day mod mine with 3 XHP50’s.

Where do i find said codes?

I must say I find BLF a little hard to navigate. There are some great deals here but finding them can be in a pain in the ass…

I believe the BLF code for fasttech is "BLF" without the quotation marks. ;)

BLF not working for me (I assume you put it in the gift certificates area in the checkout)

Not a fan of torches that require battery inserts, but even less of a fan of torches that turn off when you shake them because the batteries are loose.

I prefer this to the J18 I think http://www.banggood.com/Trustfire-15000lm-12x-CREE-XM-L-T6-LED-FlashlightCharger-p-922700.html

S70 looks pretty handy. Have put my name down on the group buy page. I assume someone will message me in due course with a code etc?

Before checkout you have option ’’HAVE A COUPON CODE’’ just click on it and enter BLF

fasttech — you don’t put the code in the gift certificates area.
You put it in the preceding page before you get to the gift certificate window.

It’ll look like:

Right there, click “Have a coupon code?” and it gives a blank field to type in the BLF or other code

Right below that line it tells you

Not that

I have already forwarded you 45mins ago.

Whoever made that .gif has no shame.

Aha the S70, well the big throwers of Thorfire are well build, so do not forget the slightly smaller S50, that too lights up an enormous area, click below for review :wink:

S70 currently sold out at Banggood

+1, if you really need 3000 lumens, then Option 1 will give that to you. Option 2 will give you 4000 lumens. “[link]”:http://www.mtnelectronics.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=250

I own a Supfire M6 Option 1 and can vouch for the 3K lumens.

And I’ve often wondered (second-guessed myself) as to whether it would have been worth the additional money to buy Option 2 (4D tint). I know the additional lumens wouldn’t justify the cost, but I don’t know how much better the warmer tint would be. I guess I’ll never know what I missed. O:-)

Please note that the Ultra 7 you were interested is rated at 3.8A with 4x18650 running in parallel. If that specification is correct, then the most it could output would be about 2000 lumens (probably more like 1500-1600 lumens).

If 2000 lumens meets your needs, then I’d recommend the 2 x 18650 Thorfire S50.

Link to reviews:

Link to Group Buy:

BTW, I don’t believe the stated 3.8A. My guess would be that it is really running closer to 5A. With Latticebright emitters, that would equate to about 2000 lumens. My recommendation for the Thorfire S50 remains the same.

It should be back in stock on March 12th. :slight_smile:

Reference link: ENEDED - #828 by freeme