Skilhunt S3 PRO CREE XHP35 HD 1600lm / HI 1400lm Flashlight

Anyone interest for new S3 PRO / S2 GB?

JAXMAN getting sexier! #X1S

Extremely interested in both the Skilhunt S3 XHP35 HI and JAxman X1s GB!

count me in for 1 new S3 PRO / S2 GB and 1 JAXMAN #X1S!

very interested in these lights

What's HOT now?

Thanks bro!

I want the first two one, and the TM03…


DX80 8x CREE XHP70.2 32,000lm Searchlight

is COMING!!!


I was just looking at the DX80 and all the ads say it uses the xhp70 and not the newer 70.2.

Do you know which it is for sure?

Interested !

It's on their website. More details will be provided on their fb this coming 1-2 days.

Interested ! - Thanks


I will contact you guys soon.

New Series Q2 charger in 4 colors.

This is getting interesting.

Credit to the respective owners.

We have interest for over 100pcs right now. Have you submitted your name yet?

Need further throw than HaikeLite MT07S? You may want to "subscribe" with us on our upcoming model. New model is undergoing intense testing right now.