The black a no looks nicer but the design itself id not very appealing!

reminds me a bit of my Roche LS01 (which is a well-built light)

It has the classic touch, good body ratio and quality imo. Pricey $3X.

By the way it was designed in 2013.

New BOSS light 4x26650!!!

I need a link for that one! I have been looking for a monster-sized reflector light


I assume 2x26650? What LED? The second one looks fun, but not sure what I would need it for. Bet it throws well.

http://bit.ly/1MAsOqE (Palight TMALL) Price RM289 1.2KG w/o batteries.

Thanks! You should convince someone to carry this! The price listed is ~$45USD. I think they would be very popular if under/around $50. Especially if they have the typical palight quality

I see MT-G2.

What's that shiny one?

Holy crap! That thing is massive $45?!

1600 lumens? 600-800m throw? Either way, GOOD CHUNK OF METAL and huge reflector for even $55…. wait, what’s shipping??

Look again :wink:

Maybe a typo? …

That link went to a site I could not read…

exactly. We need BG or GB or FT to decide to sell them

Wow that is a ridiculous fat light :smiley:

I wonder how big the reflector is, does anyone know or can give an estimate on just how big.

As a carriable thrower for really long running times at max this should be as good as it gets :slight_smile:

And the price isen’t bad either.