interested depending on price!

Interested depending price


Neeed the price!

Im interest to know the price too.

Hope they fix the switch issue which they have problems on DQG Tiny 18650

Oh yes……

Interested depending on price.

I don't own any Tiny 26650. Care to share what are the previous shortcomings?


more info here :slight_smile:

my switch hasn’t snap yet as i haven’t use this light at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Freeme,

Definitely in.

18650 is the problematic one. I thought you are referring to previous 26650 version.

Interested depending on price.

Interested if the price is good.

What could be improved from the last version was the number of leds in this size head, they just did that :slight_smile:
A bit deeper recessed switch would have been nice.
If they would have used high CRI Nichia 219C’s for the neutral version, I would be in independent of price.


Interested too!

Interested depending on price.

I'm in